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MB Urban Jungle v Baby Jogger Summit XC

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Tiggywunkle Thu 28-Feb-13 00:49:00

I have an Urban Jungle. I haven't had a Summit, but I have an Elite and almost all the other Baby Joggers (and have seen and played with the Summit).

I think for ease of use the Baby Joggers are better - for opening, closing, handling, but importantly, the recline on the MB's including the UJ really drives me nutty. The fabric bunches up around the child's head, and if you tuck it behind the seat to make it look neat, then you can't recline the seat. On the Baby Joggers the recline fabric is outside the seat, so you can recline and sit a child up easily without having to faff with the fabric. I also hate how the poppers - mainly behind the hood - come undone all the time on the UJ. But I also find both the UJ and the Elite tippy. The UJ is even more so when the seat is reclined with a 2 year old in.
However the basket on the UJ is awesome...I wish it would fit on other pushchairs. I love the pockets etc. But the Baby Joggers have big baskets, mesh seat pockets (not sure about the Summit without looking it up) and a console on the Elite.

The MB is big and unweidly to carry - its a long flat fold, but it does freestand neatly in the house - better than the Baby Joggers. I open mine by "dropping" it off the back of the car boot, so that its open by the time it hits the floor. The Baby Joggers just flick open. I love with the Baby Joggers that the wheels remove easily which is handy if its muddy.
The Baby Joggers are all a similar chassis size - so the Summit is similar to the City Mini. Its the wheels that make the difference. Will the fixed handle height of the Summit be an issue to you?

I want to recommend the TFK Joggster Twist to you, but I think you will find it too tall. Have a look also at the Easywalker Sky and probably my favourite off roader is the Bumbleride Indie.

BizzeeBee Mon 25-Feb-13 20:08:39

I have got a BJ Summit XC, but no experience of the MB to make a comparison.

The BJ Summit XC works really well off-road. Ours has been through fields, mud, across beaches, through the snow so has had a pretty good test of different terrains!

It folds flat and we don't have a problem storing it folded in the hallway of our flat. If you take the wheels off it is even smaller.

It is quite heavy, but I'm petite and manage to lift it in to the car.

I've been very pleased with the Summit XC and if you need off road capabilities it is a good choice.

AlmondFrangipani Sat 23-Feb-13 15:07:33

Hi, we are having our first baby in the summer and are trying to narrow down the pushchair choices. Considerations are:
Would like to use if from birth
Bouncy Labrador that needs walking everyday off road (mud, grass, bumpy terrain etc)
I am petite so nothing too heavy
Whilst we have a big car we dont have a big house so something that is relatively compact when folded

I have narrowed it down to the MB or BJ. Which do you prefer? Or is there something I have overlooked??

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