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Please help with my Bee before it goes back!

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OutsideOverThere Sat 23-Feb-13 15:50:45

Thanks guys. It's gorn sad I took it in after several more attempts including phoning up the store to ask - their advice didn't work.

I saw the bee plus when I was in there and how easy it is to reverse the seat unit! OMG and all my nails are broken, from doing it on the old one - I had to sit down I was so shattered! smile

I'm missing it sadly but waiting for an offer on the bee plus, now - if anything turns up I'll probably get one of those.

thankyou and glad to know it wasn't just me! the girl in the shop was about 18 so would have been a kid when the original bee came out!

Rosa Sat 23-Feb-13 12:42:15

Rear facingthe fold was crap ....I can't remember much more but there certainly wasn't any nasty sounds.... I swapped mine round a fair few times as alternated with dd1 and the baby.

bonzo77 Sat 23-Feb-13 12:39:52

I have an old bee. What you describe does sound right, or at least the same as mine.

OutsideOverThere Sat 23-Feb-13 12:30:57

Right I've just watched the demo on youtube and the bee+ folds much flatter than the bee sad well ime anyway.

I think I'm going to return it. Unless someone arrives to tell me what I'm doing wrong!

OutsideOverThere Sat 23-Feb-13 12:17:33

In fact I may go to Mothercare this afternoon and ask them to show me how it works - on the Bee+ though as I don't want to take mine in, in case I want to return it after.

Is the Bee+ the same?

OutsideOverThere Sat 23-Feb-13 12:16:04

I've got the older model of Bee from Mothercare and it arrived yesterday.

I am having a couple of problems with it and wondered if I'm just getting it wrong as I can't find the answers online. The videos seem to miss out the crucial bits!

Anyway 1. is that when you unfold it, and unclick the seat so it's flat, it takes some effort to unclick and sounds dreadful like something is breaking. Is this right?

2. Is that when I fold it facing me, the seat back comes up just to level with the handlebar, and no further - well it's not really parallel, but the edge of the front of the hood is. Then when I fold the pushchair, the seat back pushes back out again so it's not flat but at a maybe 30 degree angel to the rest - if you push the seat back down further, the chassis sides push apart instead.

So it isn't really flat folded - and if I try and lift it up folded, using the black U shaped handle, the whole thing unfolds again.

This can't be right can it? Is there something I'm missing?
It seems much flatter when folded forward facing, and stays folded when I lift it up.

I really need it to stay folded RF, so I can put it in the car and if it won't, it's going back - so any thoughts much appreciated smile

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