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Disappointed by the Baby Jogger Versa... Have I got it wrong?

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Sunnysummer Sun 17-Feb-13 06:24:44

I was so sure we wanted a versa, as lots of my friends love their City Minis, and I liked the idea of the reversible seat... BUT when I finally got into the shop to compare them today, the Versa felt much heavier, really hard to imagine actually folding one handed, and a fair bit bigger. The city mini felt like an all round easier option...

However, the sales lady was a lot more experienced with the City Mini, and was also trying to upsell us to a Bugaboo (grr), so I thought maybe I didn't get a fair representation? What would you guys recommend?

Our needs are:
- Lots of walking in a hilly but urban and paved area, car journeys maybe once a week (so we're not too bothered about capsule compatibility), public transport journeys maybe twice a week (out of peak hour)
- *most challenging bit* 15 outdoor steps to get in and out of our building, so need to either take a bassinet in and out or be able to bump up/down
- usable from newborn (another feature that makes the mini more attractive, as it looks like we'd definitely have to buy a bassinet/capsule to use the versa early on)
- quite a bit of flying around to see family in year 1, so robust enough to withstand luggage handling!

Thank you for any help you can give us! :-)

youmaycallmeSSP Fri 22-Feb-13 15:28:51

You definitely need the cocoon for a 7wo. There are loads on eBay as babies are in them for such a short time.

I'm glad I'm not the only one who finds it difficult to unfold when the seat is rear-facing! I haven't had the seat-back flapping around though.

OutsideOverThere Fri 22-Feb-13 17:54:17

Oh thankyou...the review on Best Buggy hated it and mentioned all the issues I am having! Which was gratifying...going to put it back in its box and take it to Mothercare for a refund, I think.

OutsideOverThere Fri 22-Feb-13 17:55:18


Tiggywunkle Fri 22-Feb-13 23:41:19

I am interested to see if the Oyster Gem has got any futher at Harrogate this year. That seems to plug the gap for a small folding, parent facing pushchair.

The Bee is a PITA in some respects, but there's not much comes close to it weight fact all round there is a real gap in the market for good light weight parent facing pushchairs.

natienka Fri 28-Jun-13 17:13:32

Phew! I went through it all ;) and wanted to throw one more into the mix: Jane Rider. Has anyone used this model?

Laquila Sat 29-Jun-13 12:22:56

I think parties has. I tried it out in the shop (before eventually going for a Versa!) and was quite taken with it, but in the end I thought it was just too bouncy - the suspension was quite sensitive and to my mind it didn't really feel stable enough. I imagine this would make it perfect for some people though! I quite liked the Matrix 2 system that went with it, and I definitely liked the seat unit - it felt nice and sturdy and comfortable, but unfortunately once we'd managed to fit the chassis into our little Clio it didn't leave much room for a seat unit AND a baby...

Tiggywunkle Sat 29-Jun-13 12:53:19

Parties and I have had a good play of the Rider. We both liked the nice neat fold. I dont think she has had one. We have both had a Jane Twone.

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