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Single with option to convert to double- best option???

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Ihateparties Fri 15-Feb-13 11:50:41

If it's the footmuff she's outgrown then yeah, just get a bigger one, the iCandy one is fairly small. I never thought i'd say this but seeing as you have the peach unless you desperately want the baby facing you toddler underneath set up then i'd keep it rather then replace with an oyster max. Longer term you would then have a pram with two decent sized fully reclining seat and a good compact size single.

MiaowTheCat Fri 15-Feb-13 10:00:56

What about just buying a universal footmuff for a while (I know what you mean- the footmuff in my very battered single is starting to look short for my utter beanpole 10 month old already - who's well into 12 month plus clothes)... I've got our double ready to go (been using the B-Dual in single mode for months as it's sturdy enough to take a bit of my own weight as I can't use crutches for SPD) and I've got a couple of Mothercare fleecy footmuffs in it (I was damned if I was paying £50 twice over for manufacturer ones and these are pretty colours) - and they're really really long in comparison to lots of the specific make ones... granted they're so long one keeps dangling into the kitchen bin when hubby shuts the lid on it without thinking - but still!

chuppysmum Fri 15-Feb-13 08:24:17

Thanks tiggy, that's really helpful. I guess my concern is mostly a result of us having the iCandy footmuff which is only as long as the pram so when she's all zipped up into that her legs are like a little frog as she can't stretch them out. Just strikes me as a bit uncomfortable but maybe I just worry too much!

Tiggywunkle Thu 14-Feb-13 22:57:03

Honestly have a good hard look at your Peach. Is the liner still in? Is the hood as high as it can go on the frame? Is the footrest pointing to the floor?
I thought the same as you when my 15 month old appeared to fill the seat, but she was still riding in the seat at just over the age of 3. Children, dont keep growing upwards, their legs start to grow downwards. Its amazing how they fit aged 2 and 3 when you thought they were too big when younger! This might help explain what I mean.
I honestly dont think there is a better tandem for siblings than the Peach Blossom 2 and with your age gap the PB1 would do you.
However with your proposed age gap the Babystyle Oyster Max may well be a better choice - I would say the PB2 for a smaller age gap and Oyster Max for a bigger age gap.
Look also at the Micralite Twofold.

MrsSpencerReid Thu 14-Feb-13 22:45:47

Baby jogger city select

chuppysmum Thu 14-Feb-13 22:43:01

I currently have the iCandy peach, and as much as I think its a great pram, my DD aged 14 months has nearly outgrown it!

I loved the idea of it that it was a fantastic single with the option to convert to a double if required when DC2 comes along (not currently on the cards but hopefully later this year). I want to replace it with something bigger but with the same option to convert...any suggestions?

Im looking at the Uppababy Vista but thinking the Rumble seat is actually a bit useless because my DD will be too big for it (say if she's 2.5) and the baby would be too small, and can't use a carrycot with it anyway. Other option is P&T Promenade but is it massive?? Also Donkey but not sure I like the look of it as a single. Help! Any other recommendations???

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