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One hand fold and unfold reversible stroller

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nam207 Wed 13-Feb-13 17:02:35

Hi. I have an uppababy vista which I've been happy with as a travel system but now DS is 6 months old I'm looking to get a lightweight stroller.

My key requirements are:

Fairly lightweight
Front and parent facing as DS still prefers parent facing
True one hand fold and unfold as I'll be going on the bus regularly with it
Can fold parent facing
If reversible handle not seat steers ok when parent facing.

Like to haves but not essentials:

One handed steer
Decent size basket
Single on/off brake
Decent recline
Height adjustable handle

Does anyone know of anything that matches what I'm looking for? I think the only ones I have found that are close are the City Versa and the Combi Miracle Turn - any thoughts on these?

Vivienne52 Wed 13-Feb-13 17:36:32

Ahhhh, the eternal search. I have a very similar set of circumstances. I ordered a njoy petit star bubble. It wasn't great, but very light. I sent it back as I was not keen and decided I need something more substantial given we live in the country now. So I sadly bought a m and ps sola from gumtree as the versa still wasn't available. Im reselling the sola and have ordered the versa. Should be here Monday. Can't wait. The review on best buggy sold it to me 100%.

Ihateparties Wed 13-Feb-13 20:57:35

I'm not convinced you could unfold the city versa one handed. I'm pretty sure i couldn't anyway. Not sure on the njoy bubble, whether it's all one handed. Otherwise nothing springs to mind that does all that. The bee does most but two handed folding.. i think anyway? Never heard of the miracle turn, didn't think combi were in the uk anymore so that's probably why.

nam207 Wed 13-Feb-13 21:07:44

I ordered a bubble and sent it back as I just couldn't seem to get on with it. I definitely couldn't have unfolded it holding DS.

I've had an email from Combi saying they are launching their uk website in April and products will be available from June/July. If they were really good I'd hang on but I don't know anyone that's had one.

I may have to check out the versa then .... Unless anyone else can think of something different.

Ihateparties Wed 13-Feb-13 21:24:32

I had a versa, i'm trying to work out how you'd unfold it one handed and where. On the actual bus would be nigh on impossible. Lying it on the ground once off maybe you could, i'm not optimistic. I'll ask tiggy...

I really can't think of much else. This is the point people often have to give up a feature they want for a feature they need. If the combi fulfills your criteria then it's one of very few.

nam207 Thu 14-Feb-13 17:17:42

The Combi does the essentials but isn't so good on the like to haves. Maybe it will still be the best I can do.

Tiggywunkle Thu 14-Feb-13 23:14:00

I can unfold the Versa one handed but the best bet is to unscrew the storage catch as it would just then flick open. However you will have to get good at various parts.
To fold, you would remove the child, fold the top half of the seat down with one hand, bend down and pull the fold handle. Then you really need to lean the pushchair against your legs to do up the seat lock strap.
To unfold - normally you do need two hands - one to hold the pushchair, and one to undo the fold lock. However my guess is that you could lean the pushchair against your legs, then undo the fold lock whilst keeping the pushchairs slightly open and then flick the Versa onto all 4 wheels. But it is the removal of the lock which I think is the hardest part and I am not entirely sure how easy this would be. Finally the seat just needs pulling up.
I dont think I would take it on a bus to fold / unfold one handed.
Size wise its a similar class to the Uppababy Vista so isn't really a light weight stroller. If you still want one this size, then the iCandy Strawberry is a better one handed folding pushchair. Far easier than the Versa for folding to go on a bus, plus the Strawberry pulls along behind you once folded. But I am sure you aren't looking for another big pushchair based on what you say above.

To be honest, I think the Stokke Scoot is a better choice....I am just trying to remember as I haven't used mine for a few weeks - I must get it out though as its really useful.
To fold you have to push the seat up, and then there's a slider underneath the seat which you press in and slide to make it fold in one piece into your hand. To unfold there's no lock, so its a flick open and then put the seat back down. I think this is probably the better choice for a one handed fold and open. Have a read about it though because I dont like the lack of calf / leg support for a sleeping child, and the recline is all or nothing.

nam207 Tue 19-Feb-13 16:34:31

Thanks. The Stokke isn't one I've looked at so will have to do some research.

FirstTimeForEverything Tue 19-Feb-13 16:38:27

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

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