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Pram advice

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curlyclaz13 Wed 13-Feb-13 11:39:47

First time mum in need of help, we have already got a car seat and are not fussed about it fitting a pram (recaro car seat) as I don't drive so car seat will rarely be used at weekends. We are on a fairly small budget of £400 max. I know I want a pram and in pushchair mode to be parent facing as well as outward facing. OH drives a passat so the boot is roomy for when we do use the car, probably don't need too much about space when folded in the house either as living/dining groom is a good size. I like the look of the cossato giggle and that it comes with pretty much everything I need but are there any others better ? I would prefer new but a good second hand would be ok.

SpottyTeacakes Wed 13-Feb-13 11:43:57

I love my Mutsy Evo if you search the threads on here you'll find lots on it and it's in your budget

Ihateparties Wed 13-Feb-13 12:21:09

If you don't want a car seat in the price then £400 is pretty healthy really - Evo is good as mentioned, someone on here really rates her giggle too. I would add maybe a Baby Jogger Versa to your list of things to look at but that would take you over budget with the carrycot, there are ways of obtaining discounts though through cashback, points with places like boots etc.
Other ideas -iCandy Cherry, Babystyle Oyster (or maybe even Oyster Max if you plan more children soon!) Jane Muum, Graco Evo, there are lots.. to be continued when I think of more...

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