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Jane Trider- any reviews appreciated

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Higgsh Tue 23-Feb-16 13:01:11

Do not buy the Jané Prams. I bought the Jané Trider and have had to send it for repair 4 times and it's getting worse as time goes on. It actually came back from Jané repair yesterday in a worse state than what I sent it in. So much so I can't use it. The pram is dangerous. It collapses with my son on it and the brakes don't work!! Do not buy!!!

boardingschoolbaby Wed 13-Feb-13 20:59:59

That is all really helpful. Thank you so much.

longday Wed 13-Feb-13 16:23:01

Forgot to say the fact that the matrix converts to a sitting rear facing car seat is also useful. As he has got bigger when out and about he likes to sit more upright. There are several recline levels so he can be more upright without necessarily being in the full upright rear facing car seat mode. You can only clip it onto the isofix platform when completely flat or fully upright.

longday Wed 13-Feb-13 16:09:23

We have a Jane trider with the matrix 2 carrycot/car seat and the matrix 2 platform for the car. The wee one is almost 6 months old so I have only used the pushchair seat a couple of times. I really like it it is sturdy, very light to push and seems to go anywhere without any problems. The matrix 2 has been great, we had the overnight mattress so it was used for overnight sleeping until he was approx 14 weeks. I liked the lie flat option for the car seat, which has been so useful. I would however recommend the platform for the car otherwise trying to put the seatbelt round the matrix or the transporter would, I think put you off using it. I tried it once and it was a hassle. On the downside the matrix 2 is a heavy car seat and when lying flat takes up 2 seats in the car. I had a c section, was back driving at 9 days and happily lifting the matrix in and out of the car without any ill effects. The chassis folds up very easily but is not particularly compact we have a large boot so not a bother. The basket is quite small but adequate and puts you of carrying unnecessary junk. Also folds fine with the seat base on it.
in summary, great travel system but heavy and not compact, very happy with our choice.

christilass Wed 13-Feb-13 15:23:48

I have horses aswell and have been happily mucking out etc also feeding our cattle sheep etc , Hubby has now put his foot down and I'm to rest now as I'm 37+4 weeks , bless him he's looking after my horses well .
anyway trider .... we have not bought the isofix base . We got a free winter footmuff and a rain cover for pram seat car seat and transporter also the matress so we can use it for baby having a sleep.
£800 for everything , which i think is good value .
we also looked at the slalom but its much heavier and large when folded .

boardingschoolbaby Wed 13-Feb-13 14:53:16

yes, that is what is appealing to me- we are very rural with woodland and horses etc so it seems great on that front from plating in a shop but its so hard to tell. It seems that you have bought the exact package that we are considering. I can't rememebr the exact price, but under £800 anyway as I was suprised that it wasn't more. Did you also buy the isofix base?

christilass Wed 13-Feb-13 14:01:42

We have bought the trider with strata car seat and the carry cot transporter , baby not due for 2Weeks , but i think its fantastic easy to use and very robust , we live on a farm so needed a sturdy system .

boardingschoolbaby Wed 13-Feb-13 10:46:28

Have quite fallen for this system, but before ordering I wondered if anyone had any hands on experience with it as this will be out first so we are flying blind really. all pros and cons much appreciated

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