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Need a lightweight very upright sitting pushchair

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BedHeadTigi Mon 11-Feb-13 13:33:26

Can someone please suggest a pushchair that is lightweight and has a good upright seating position. The umbrella fold pushchair i have at the moment has finally got on my nerves as it is starting to feel very heavy at 10KG (its also a travel system too so the frame is pretty substantial and sturdy thats why its a heavy umbrella pushchair), the fold on it is useless too its nearly impossible to fold it together enough for the latch to engage as the seat is way too padded, i dont even bother engaging the latch as its too much hassle and i just fold it as much as it will go. Also the seat just doesn't sit upright enough and now the bottom part of the seat is now starting to slouch too, my 17 month old is small for her age too and weighs just under 10kg. This pushchair has also suddenly started to not push very well and seems heavier when trying to steer it. I would love to get a new pushchair thats lightweight, not too wide, sits upright well and comes with a bumper bar too, folds like a dream and glides well when pushing it, is that too much to ask. I was hoping the original pushchair i bought would of been all that i needed but as baby has got bigger the pushchair has become difficult to use. Can anyone please suggest a good pushchair. Thanks.

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