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Anyone bought a pushchair from the us?

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goldie81 Tue 12-Feb-13 23:06:59

I've ordered buggy from nz - it's in uk customs at mo- waiting to find out how much import tax they want to charge me! Will let you know

Nanny01 Mon 11-Feb-13 16:10:59

Tax ie vat is high cant remember if you get taxed on pushchairs here as I bought mine on holiday.

Nanny01 Mon 11-Feb-13 16:09:29

If you can get it bought over that helps is there any one you know who might be able to do that for you.

ClairesTravellingCircus Sat 09-Feb-13 12:28:46

Importing to Italy. I know it will a bit different but just wanted to get an idea. Difficult to find info in italy.

Thanks smile

ImStickingWithYou Sat 09-Feb-13 12:17:19

I bought a double pushchair from the US, years ago. The import tax was about £30 but even with that, shipping and the actual cost of the pushchair it was still £150 cheaper than the english version. Have to add it took ages to arrive!!

mentallyscrewed Sat 09-Feb-13 12:14:25

That was about 5 years ago though

mentallyscrewed Sat 09-Feb-13 12:13:26

I had a blue camo p&t imported from the US before they were released in this country and didn't pay any import tax.

lljkk Sat 09-Feb-13 12:10:50

Where you importing to, Italy or UK?
Custom's duty + VAT apply, may get reduced rates for either/both. Country-specific.

ClairesTravellingCircus Sat 09-Feb-13 08:49:34

And was tax horrendous? I have found a BJCM GT double at a reasonable price even when including shipping. But wondering what import tax woild be like?
I live in Italy but imagine UK will be similar..

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