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Toddler and twins - what do I need?

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Tiggywunkle Mon 04-Feb-13 01:00:50

A few suggestions - there are triples out there eg the Peg Perego Triplette which is sold here in the UK by this company. There's also the Adventure Buggy which comes as a few triple options - but its a bit of a beast to put in the car.
One of my friends was in your situation but with a younger child. What was critical really was that her eldest still napped. If your eldest doesn't nap, then you have more choice than if your eldest does nap. There are then pushchairs like the Valco with Joey Seat, or Easylife with toddler seat. My friend bought a Baby Jogger City Elite (but it could have been any of the Baby Joggers) and she used to sldie one twin to the very back of the seat, and her toddler would then be sat squarely on the seat pad at the front. This got her through the first year when the twins could be sat up and she could put a buggy board on the back. She also had an iCandy Peach Blossom with a Buggypod Io on the side. The old Buggypods have a terrible reputation, but the new Io seems much better. There are also some good sit down buggy boards out there too - ihateparties had a good one with flashing lights in the wheels.
Strolliriders are good if you can get your child to sit on one. The bucket seat ones are best, but they are no longer being manufactured so you would need to find a second hand one.
There is also the Joovy Big caboose for 3 children. I know you can turn the rear seat on the double into a proper forward facing seat. I assume you can on the triple too.

lorisparkle Sun 03-Feb-13 12:39:02

I had a 21mnths ds1 and a newborn and decided to go for the sling / buggy board option without a double but found it impossible and ended up buying a Phil and Ted so could not imagine having twin babies and a toddler without a triple. However my cousin did have a 21mnth DD and twin babies and she had a double and carried the smallest twin in a sling. Not sure how much she got out though. Another alternative to a buggy board is the little bikes that attach to the side. Strolli rider I think they are called.

There are some very unusual Pushchairs out there so have a good search and look on eBay.

TeWiSavesTheDay Sun 03-Feb-13 11:26:28

Have you seen buggypods? I've seen them clipped to Phil and teds type doubles before and thought they looked like a good option.

fraktion Sun 03-Feb-13 11:22:02

Buggy board or if you're going out as a family double plus single. DS managed to walk most places now and would be capable of standing on a buggy board and he's 21m.

Still can't believe you're having twins!!!

pinkpudding Sun 03-Feb-13 11:19:52

My friend was in your position with only 19 months between hers and she bought a triple. Can't remember what it was was an all terrain double with an extra non reclinable seat that attached to the front for toddler. She did use it a fair bit to start with but after about 2 months she was so exhausted looking after all the babies that toddler clubs went out the window and tesco started delivering. I don't think she left the house for about 6 months. By the time she was out and about again her toddler was happy to walk or use a buggy board. Maybe just a twin pram and a sling would be OK after all?

Eskarina Sun 03-Feb-13 11:07:25

Dd will be approx 21m when my twins arrive in April. I've agonised back and forth over what kind of buggy I'll need. Will I need a triple, or will that be a waste of money? Dd is a reasonable walker by we do walk a lot and she'd never manage to keep up, going anywhere would be a nightmare at her speed. Plus she gets tired, uncooperative, typical toddler. Plus if it rained she'd get soaked.

Before I knew this was a twin pregnancy I'd come to the conclusion that dd was too little to walk or buggy board, so I'd need a double. Obviously dd is no older or more capable just because I now know I'm having twins. I did use a moby wrap for dd but couldn't get on with it for long periods of time, and by 4 months she was too heavy to carry any significant distance, so I'm not keen on a pushing dd + dt1 and carrying dt2 as a longer term solution.

Any ideas?

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