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Pushchair for enormous child

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catgirl1976 Sat 02-Feb-13 20:41:04

DS is 14 months

He is already too big for the Quinny Zapp we thought would last till around 3 years sad

He is off the percentile charts and given he's going to need a pushchair for (I guess) another year or so I am at a loss at what to get him

Any tips on ones for larger children would be great

Trazzletoes Sat 02-Feb-13 21:36:47

DS is a good 17kg and 105cm and is comfy in our Phil and Teds. Plus it's easy to double up if you're planning on having another one!

StrawberryMonkey Sat 02-Feb-13 21:40:33

Tbh the land rover doesn't give as much legroom as a baby jogger city mini GT.
any existing Land rovers are now 10y old (silver cross who were the manufacturers went bust in 2002 before being bought out by another company, this is when the land rover pushchair ceased to be manufactured).

The ones I see on eBay are pretty old (10 years min), points to check if buying second hand, is the fold mechanism ok still (the springs will be aged and prone to malfunction), will the brakes still function and stay put if engaged. Many are rusted or loose with age/use.
The elastic on the hood or storm covers will have lost its springiness, and so not fit so well as they ought to.
Does the 5pt harness still function (clasps all in working order).
The footplates are often broken on these old pushchairs too.

If you can find one in good working order, you will be fortunate.

The city mini gt will have a much bigger seat, and many luxurious features you wouldn't find on the simpler landrover.
Large hood, reclinable seat, lockable swivel wheel, fast one handed fold etc etc

catgirl1976 Sat 02-Feb-13 21:45:34

Some great recommendations on here

Will check out the clothes too

TruthSweet Sat 02-Feb-13 21:54:37

DD2 still uses a pushchair on occasion at 5y 2m (she has mobility issues) & is currently 20kg/115cm, we had a Zapp last & DD2 fitted in it (though the hood just went over her head!).

In the last 2y I've used a Baby Jogger City Mini Double for DD2 & DD3 (& had DD1 in it after she hurt her knee when she must have been ~19kg/115cm), B-Dual (also look at the B-Smart as the seat unit is the same) - I have the 2010 model which has a HUGE hood & a EasyLife/Pedigree Sport Twin which takes a mammoth 45kg in each seat & can easily take a 6y (also available a single).

There are a fair few pushchairs that will take a larger child on the market, I hope you find the one for you!

hotdog74 Thu 07-Feb-13 20:33:56

We have a Maclaren XLR for DD 2.3 years - we bought it as she was a very late walker so will probably take a while before she is walking everywhere. She is tall - 92 cms and has loads of room height wise and it is still much wider than she is. We bought it as it looked as though it had the most room of all the buggies we saw. HTH

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