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It's a sad story and I know I'm being stupid

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Tooodlepip Fri 01-Feb-13 10:46:48


I'm embarassed even typing this confused

When I was pregnant I had ordered an icandy's strawberry in earl grey, I had my heard set on it from the start. However, the shop I ordered from couldn't get it for me in time so I settled for a mamas and papas sola in green it's nice too. But everytime I see someone with an I candy I feel sorry for myself and I'm not starting to not enjoy my sola smile I have found a local place that can get me the strawberry in a week they said but I don't know if I can find the money even if I sold my sola I might make £250 if I include the bag and foot muff which haven't been used yet. I feel really disappointed and I don't know why I'm being stupid aren't I?

I have 1000 euro of my own money but I know my dh would just give out he doesn't understand at all but who could blame him hmm

Am I being an idiot to even consider trying to change. I think also because this baby is my first after 6 years and the icandy was going to be my only luxury wink

Come and judge me grin

Tiggywunkle Tue 05-Feb-13 14:19:46

Hurray! I really hope you like it.
I hope you sell your Sola soon.

Tooodlepip Tue 05-Feb-13 13:46:36

I was trying to replace my wanting the strawberry

Anyway I got it the strawberry my grey pack will be in next week and then I can take it home smile

And it was cheaper than I expected so that was a bonus too grin I am so excite I really am

Now I just have to sell the sola hmm

Tiggywunkle Tue 05-Feb-13 13:03:12

How did you get from a Sola to a Nuna Pepp when you really want a Strawberry! I need to reread this thread!!!

mummysmellsofsick Tue 05-Feb-13 07:11:45


DeDevilTail Mon 04-Feb-13 21:02:46

I googled the Nuna Pepp when you mentioned it upthread and thought you might not like it if you had your heart set on the Strawberry. Once i knew what it was I recalled seeing one in Tesco a couple of months back and being teken aback by it's teeny odd looking wheels.

ICandy hold their value well. Buy a Strawberry and take good care of it and you should be able to recoup at least half it's cost when you come to sell it.

Tooodlepip Mon 04-Feb-13 19:19:29

Hi all

the nuna pepp came, and I hate it, I spent an hour fiddling with it trying the car seat on it etc I can't be bothered with all the sticky bits on it and what the hell kind of rain cover is that??

Also how will I ever get up and down a kerb with there teeny tiny plastic wheels, its like a childs toy even though it does look good. Maybe its me and I was set up to hate it from the start sad

anyway now I am actually becoming emotionally distraught and starting to think that I actually do have emotional issues hmm to be getting this wound up and annoyed. I have packed up the nuna pepp to be returned to john lewis, I am going to have a cup of tea and maybe tomorrow go look at the strawberry, if I think that I really will only be happy with it then I will get one, otherwise I am sticking with the sola which seriously is far easier to use that the pepp

sorry I am sure this is all extremely boring who knew that the pushchair section could have such a thread going blush

Tooodlepip Mon 04-Feb-13 15:01:52

I feel a bit better now after reading this thread thank you everyone for replying smile

I have ordered the nuna pepp I honestly never knew it existed and then when I saw it I was just enthralled by it, I know it's easy to turn my head. I have suddenly started having loving feelings towards my sola even though its not very practical and I know once the nuna comes I'm never going to use the sola again. I think like some one said its from thinking that it was my baby's first push chair. So I am sacrificing the parent facing in the nuna which is ok I never knew parent facing existed until I read on here never had it with my other two.

I don't expect the nuna to fill the strawberry void but it might surprise me grin

LazyMachine Mon 04-Feb-13 14:36:11

Brilliant idea about the coats ItsMy - especially as we'll be travelling from a cold climate to a warm one and it will be nice not to have to faff about with them on the plane. Thank you.

I also understand about having an emotional attachment to an object (without it meaning I was somehow deprived as a child!)

ItsMyLastOne Mon 04-Feb-13 14:12:17

I've just actually read all this thread and I have to say I feel a bit offended at the suggestion that feeling emotional about a pushchair must be something to do with childhood trauma! hmm
I am actually about to sell one pushchair but am struggling to do it because I have an emotional attachment to it. It was the pushchair I took my dd to the park in, the one she slept in while i sat in cafes with friends, the one she sat in while we went out as a family. Whenever I see that pushchair I think of her, even if she's with me. It's not the most beautiful or expensive pushchair in the world, but it was my daughter's and it will always have lovely memories attached to it. It wouldn't have been the same if I hadn't loved the pushchair so I can totally understand why you'd want a different one.

And I can guarantee that if you buy a nuna pepp and sell the sola you'll still want the strawberry! The nuna pepp is lovely but I couldnt have it as my only pushchair. But then I still want my eldest parent facing at 2y4m.

ItsMyLastOne Mon 04-Feb-13 13:44:18

lazy i would try to avoid it but if you do take it then try and put other soft things (coats, blankets etc) around it inside the bag. If uppababy guarantee it then I'm sure it'll be fine. smile

ItsMyLastOne Mon 04-Feb-13 13:40:42

I'm judging you! One child and only one pushchair - are you mad?!

<counts up own children>
<counts up pushchairs owned in 2y4m>
<loses count>
<counts up current collection>
<two singles and three doubles>
<gets out credit card - clearly more are needed>

The thing is you need one small folding one, one nice parent facing one (this will be your favourite), and an off roader. That will do as a minimum. And don't worry about your OH, they all come round eventually...! wink

LazyMachine Mon 04-Feb-13 01:19:19

Btw, OP - you're not being stupid or silly. If you'd had your mind set on one thing and ended up with another that is in your experience inferior then it can be quite frustrating. Don't be so hard on yourself. But do seriously give a good, long think before trading in your laptop for a pushchair.

LazyMachine Mon 04-Feb-13 01:16:13

Tiggy et al. - while you're here helping OP, I have a quick question for you. Someone up-thread mentioned you should never take a nice pram on an airplane because of the risks of how it will might be treated. Fair enough. But...we're going on a long haul trip with DS when he's 2 months old and want to take our Uppababy Vista because it will also double as a Moses basket at the house we'll be staying in. We have the travel bag for the Vista (which guarantees the pram should something happen while travelling). Do you think it's still unwise to take this pushchair on the plane??

Thank you in advance from a pushchair novice!

Tiggywunkle Mon 04-Feb-13 00:40:41

Pram addict here - I haven't been here for a few days (did you enjoy the peace) hence not replying ie not avoiding the comments!

I have a Strawberry and I absolutely love it. I have also had a Sola and its one of the worst pushchairs I have ever had. So its a no brainer for me. I would quite happily swap a laptop for a gorgeously beautiful pushchair and get an iPad Mini!! I know exactly what its like to have the one pushchair that you really want. If you were saying you wanted a pushchair which I felt had issues, then I would be talking you out of it - but this is A STRAWBERRY and its gorgeous.

I have a fair number of pushchairs, but I buy and sell well. I try my hardest not to lose money on a pushchair. But I have had to work hard to get my collection - mainly on DH who tried to get me to buy a Hauck cheapy travel system for DD1!! But I did some cracking deals and got a Bugaboo instead. I made a profit on it when I sold it 2 years later!

Do whatever you feel right. I often say to people, treat a pushchair as a rental and enjoy it. But dont get too emotionally attached to it as one day the sensible route would be to sell it and get a good chunk of your money back.

Booyhoo Sat 02-Feb-13 15:08:07

yes mummy, you have clearly totally understood my post. hmm

mummysmellsofsick Sat 02-Feb-13 14:25:20

Childhood trauma? Really? Is that why people buy a new car before the old one is worn out or new clothes? Sometimes people just want stuff!

RooneyMara Sat 02-Feb-13 11:12:21

I agree with you on the sola, I looked at an ex display one the other week and thought it was pretty dull smile

There are so many out there. You will find something.

Tooodlepip Sat 02-Feb-13 10:02:57

No booyhoo, I don't think this has anything to do with me being denied something in my past. I think I was just taken my the pram and maybe was disappointed when I ended up not getting it.

Anyway, I have got a sensible side I promise and upon advice that it would be impractical for travelling, I am looking into the nuna pepp, it seems a lot more reasonably priced and better suited to what I want. Has any one ever used it??

The Sola will be sold, I think I don't like the Sola because of its size, I always wanted a light buggy but I also needed the travel system option which was why I went for it in the first place

RooneyMara Sat 02-Feb-13 08:38:28

I was here! <shuffles around trying to find Pram Hun ID but realises it's somewhere in a Parent Console on one of 55 prams>

Ihateparties Fri 01-Feb-13 21:22:24

Thought I had stumbled into AIBU by mistake.... thus backed out again and closed the door quietly on my way out..

Booyhoo Fri 01-Feb-13 21:18:46

i think you would regret selling your mac book for it. i know i would. i would seel a macbook to pay bills if i couldn't afford it any other way. i've sold my tv in the past to do just that but i just couldn't justify selling either for a push chair.

is there something in your past/upbringing that has you feeling so emotional about this? were you maybe denied something as a child that you really really wanted and are trying to relive that scenario now? please dont get down about not buying it. it really wont be that big of a deal in 10 years time that you didn't have <enter pushchair model of choice here>. i dont even no what make mine is. i dont care now and if it doesn't matter now it definitely wont in 10 years. smile

mummysmellsofsick Fri 01-Feb-13 21:17:24

Where are the pushchair addicts? There are plenty of people on this board who own many more pushchairs than anyone could really need, they are being strangely silent and letting you feel embarrassed for wanting to change your 1 buggy. It's not unusual or weird and it doesn't have to mean you have psychological issues! Maybe you just want an iCandy! Today I want a versa. I have pram envy issues too...

Tooodlepip Fri 01-Feb-13 20:51:25


Thanks booyhoo I did say I was being unreasonable

I don't think I'm gonna get it, any which way it would be a waste of money

I don't know why I am taken by a pushchair maybe it is that displacement thingy

Oh and no I don't have the extra finances hence selling my macbook which I think I may regret if I do blush

TwitchyTail Fri 01-Feb-13 20:28:04

I would say it's like any other luxury (and it is a luxury, because you already have one that "does the job" from a practical point of view). If you want it, and can spare the money (in agreement with those you share finances with ie your husband), then go for it and don't feel embarrassed. Spending on a pushchair is no less - or more - valid than buying a nice car, nice clothes, nice electronic items, expensive holidays - whatever. You want what you want - whether or not you get it depends on the overall state of your finances and goals.

Booyhoo Fri 01-Feb-13 20:20:41

i dunno- it's alien to me to even think of 1000euros being dedictated to a buggy.

mine for ds1 was £50 brand new, that was 8 years ago and it's still in perfect working order for ds2 who is almost 4 and it's had loads of use. it's just plain black, it can accomodate an infant carrier and it reclines for birth stage. foot muff was £20 and i thought that was dear! footmuff still here but too small now for an almost 4 year old. i did loads of walking with it and never any issues. i never felt it was lacking in anything.

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