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Torn between BabyJogger Versa and Bugaboo Bee+. Help!

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Badgerhoney Tue 29-Jan-13 13:42:16

Just wondering if anyone can help me on this one. One minute I think I've settled on the Versa then the next I'm swaying back to the Bee+. I've looked at loads of others and narrowed it down to these two, but just can't decide which one. If anyone has used these and can offer any pearls of wisdom, I would be forever grateful!

I live in a city basement flat with a short flight of stairs outside. Pavements around where I live can be quite cracked and bumpy in places, but the town centre is smooth.

I'll mainly be walking into and around town and to the park/along the river which is bit more rough terrain in patches. Car and short bus journeys a couple of times a week.

The Bee - I love the lightweight feel and the idea of being able to move in and out of tight spaces. I also wonder will having the Bee mean avoiding having to get another smaller lightweight stroller later on. I struggled when I tried swapping the seat round in the shop and found the two hand fold/unfold a bit fiddly. Also feel a tad concerned about a newborn being safe so low down and in only a cocoon. Biggest concern is the wheels. Will they cope with pavement cracks, rougher patches of ground, cobbles? And the shimmying problem I keep hearing about. One of the display models I played with in the shop actually had this problem.

The Versa - love most things about this including ease of folding, turning the seat, big basket, feels sturdy. Main worries are the weight. It feels heavy to lift when folded so I doubt I could carry it very far but guess one flight of stairs or onto a bus would be ok. Not sure about curbs. Also, it's a bit bigger unfolded than the Bee so wonder if it will fit through all doors, be easy to move in shops/restaurants/public transport. Also, I'd like the GT version but don't think I could handle the extra weight, but wonder if the standard wheel version will be good enough.

Sorry for the rambling.

Look forward to hearing from anyone who has experience of these two and could maybe help.



RooneyMara Sun 03-Feb-13 09:00:39

Ah yes I get what you're on about! I had to take off the seat fabric yesterday, in preparation for the new bit of frame.

What it is is that the bottom section of the footrest, is a separate bit of metal tubing to the rest of it. And it has two little white buttons on the sides, and when you press them, the bottom section of metal extends down - there's elastic in the sides of the footwell fabric, and it makes it a couple of inches longer.
I didn't realise this was there till I took off the fabric as I haven't looked at the manual yet blush but it's a pretty good idea smile
Fwiw the fabric doesn't detach from this section so I don't think you could machine wash it - unless I'm missing summat - but because it's very thick, plasticky material I am sure it would be best just washing it down in the bath. It's not like anything could really sink into it iyswim.

RooneyMara Sun 03-Feb-13 09:02:33

(does that make any sense at all?!)

Badgerhoney Sun 03-Feb-13 09:16:49

Also, in the video I saw I'm sure it said there are 3 seat settings and showed a cheeky wee mid way recline, which l quite nice.

Badgerhoney Sun 03-Feb-13 09:18:05

Also, in the video I saw I'm sure it said there are 3 seat settings and showed a cheeky wee mid way recline, which looked quite nice.

Badgerhoney Sun 03-Feb-13 09:21:18

And yep, think I get what you mean about fabric, thanks. smile

RooneyMara Sun 03-Feb-13 11:16:47

Ah you may well be right. I have taken it apart now so can't go and try - but I've not had it long enough to have a proper idea, so don't take my word for it!

Tiggywunkle Mon 04-Feb-13 00:51:27

Yes there are 3 recline settings. The extending footrest is neat.
I am sorry to hear you have had issues with your Versa, Roony. I love mine. I am glad you are getting a new chassis.
BTW apparently (not that I have tried) but City Select hoods fit on the Versa. It may be that the City Select fabrics fit on too??? But I can't try. But Kooltrade's Customer Services may be willing to try for you!?

RooneyMara Mon 04-Feb-13 08:00:25

Tiggy you are a genius grin will report back...

Badgerhoney Mon 04-Feb-13 11:11:55

Hi there, went back to the shop and played with the Versa again. Lovely to push. I've ordered a standard one in black. The green display one in the shop was lovely but I figure long term black is better as will no doubt get trashed (I quite like the fabric, seems durable). They didn't have a GT to try, but I'm keen to keep the weight down so think the standard will be the best option for me (will probably get total wheel envy if I see anyone out and about with a GT one though, but I'll live.). Tried the Bee again too. The new navy blue with neon wheels one had just arrived, which looked really smart. But even though it was brand new in the shop, the wheels still fishtailed when I turned it, walked fast and pulled it backwards. Real shame. Tried the bjcm GT too. Really, really liked it as so light to tip up. Almost went for it but my hubbie and I noticed that when we pushed it with seat fully reclined our thighs/knees kept knocking against the edge of the seat. I'm 5.6 and he's 6.4. Not sure if that's a common thing or we've just got weird legs! Also, when folded it didn't seem that much lighter than the Versa, a bit, but not as much as I would have thought considering the Versa's 2kg heavier. Might be a different story trying to lift it into the car or up/down stairs though, but hey. Fingers crossed I've made the right choice! Rooney, hope everything works out with yours, keep us posted. Tiggy, nice and reassuring to hear that you still love yours.

KateShmate Mon 04-Feb-13 19:52:47

Hi again Badger, sorry haven't been on since to answer your question about the wheels - my wheels never shimmied! But I know that most people's have been fixed by the washers that they send out, so am sure it's fine. I've pushed some of the brand brand new ones and there are no problems with them at all - I think that issue's been fixed now smile
Feel free to ask anything else - the Bee+ + Toro carrycot was like a dream come true for me! I've always said that Bugaboo's biggest mistake was not having a carrycot for the Bee!

KateShmate Mon 04-Feb-13 19:54:59

Oooh, what a wally! Only just read your updated comment!
Glad you've made your choice, hope it is a lovely buggy! Please come back to us with a full review, incase it's super amazing and we all need to buy one!
How strange about the Bee+'s wheels - but then again, unless you have a weight in there, a lot of buggy wheels do shimmy, especially as the Bee is so light; so maybe that was the issue?
Good luck with the Versa smile

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