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Stokke Scoot-any good?

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Dolallytats Tue 29-Jan-13 09:57:11

I am completely confused by the different prams/pushchairs so thought I would ask the ever-knowing Mumsnetters!!
I live in a first floor flat, no lift so need a light pushchair/pram to carry up and down. I don't drive, I am trying to travel on public transport (agoraphobic!!) and take cabs so it needs to be suitable on buses, trains and ok to fold in a boot.

It also needs to be parent facing and suitabe from birth. The Scoot seems to tick all these boxes, bit what are people's experience of it? We can't go any higher in price and this is our last baby so we don't need to worry about needing a double. Our DS will be 5 by the time the baby is here (end of July) so a buggy board is not needed.

Please help!! Thank you!!

mummysmellsofsick Tue 29-Jan-13 19:15:53

We live in a first floor flat and have a scoot.

The fold is neat and quick
It looks nice
It feels strong & sturdy
Folds in parent facing mode in 1 piece
Seatbelt clasp is much nicer than most I've used (which admittedly isn't that many)

I find it hard(ish) to tip in parent facing mode
It isn't as easy to unfold as fold (although that might be me)
A calf rest would be nice
Ditto footmuff that fixes on the seat- they say the new stokke footmuffs work on it but they only attach to the harness. Sounded like a pita so I didn't get one.
I struggle to get DS (15mo) up the stairs to our flat. I normally take the seat off with him on it, carry him up in that, then go back for the chassis.

So, that's why I lurk on the pushchair board, I think it is the best pushchair for us but I always wonder if there's something I'm missing. I'd have got a yoyo if DS would go front facing but he gets upset.

Other than that the only other thing that's light and well thought of that parent faces and is suitable from birth I know of is the bee. A couple of other flat dwellers I know just got a light maclaren and a sling. I must say I've used a sling for 90% of the time so far. Even though he's big and heavy now, getting him up and downstairs in a buggy is much more trouble, and slings are fab on public transport.

Dolallytats Tue 29-Jan-13 19:45:25

Thanks mummy. I shall check out the Bee too. This pram lark is really hard!! There doesn't seem to be a perfect pram, just a 'it ticks most of the boxes' pram. I keep hoping that something will else will come out before July!!

mummysmellsofsick Tue 29-Jan-13 20:53:12

I know, I want a perfect pram too!

Tiggywunkle Wed 30-Jan-13 01:16:53

I have just repled about the Scoot on another thread. I find it easy enough to use, unfold, fold etc. However I really dont like that there's no calf rest or ankle support. Unlike the Xplory the footrest is fixed down below. So a sleeping child has dangling legs. It looks really bad. Also there's no mid way recline which is what I used loads when my two were small ie 6-18 months. Its either upright or laid flat. I do find the laid flat a little cavernous too. Also there is the footmuff issue as mentioned above. I have no idea how you would fit a footmuff on....
Can you leave the pushchair in a car or downstairs?
I am not entirely sure there's a good solution. Personally, I would be looking at pulling a pushchair up the stairs, but I am not sure how noisy that would be? The Strawberry pulls nicely for example but I haven't tried it on stairs!
Maybe keep an eye on the new one piece Zapp Xtra..its out in the US and I suspect it will come here. Its not the nicest pushchair in some ways, but it would maybe get you through the first 6 months when you would have more choice?

Tiggywunkle Wed 30-Jan-13 01:17:45

There's also the Babystyle Oyster Gem to look out for too. I wonder if a Micralite Toro would bump up stairs folded?

Dolallytats Wed 30-Jan-13 06:32:30

Thanks Tiggy, I shall check out your other suggestions. It's a hard decision, isn't it? We don't have a car and there is no where to leave a pushchair, so I have to take it up and down the stairs every time (but am hoping that will help with the bingo wings!!)

mummysmellsofsick Wed 30-Jan-13 09:37:33

Thing is, in practice you never go out with no stuff and come back with no shopping, so even a quick fold buggy really means taking stuff out of the basket and then deciding which to take upstairs first- buggy, dc or shopping, as you can't take them all. I imagine with the yoyo you could fold and carry it over 1 shoulder, carry DC on the same side and shopping bags in the other hand (?). Or store buggy in boot of car if you have one. We do but dh takes it to work so storing in car not possible.

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