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Please just tell me what to buy!

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Bambozzledbybabystuff Sun 27-Jan-13 19:53:34


I am new here and I am very keen to get some help from people with lots of pushchair experience as I am currently going round in circles trying to decide! I really just need someone to tell me what to buy as i am. So confused by all the options. Sorry this will be a long post...

We live in a flat, one floor up but many steps just to get to front door of the close. As we live in the city I plan to be out and about with pram for many hours most days during mat leave so any pushchair needs to be sturdy and good at kerbs. occasional train getting only which involves no steps, no buses to worry about.

My husband and I both work just 10 mins walk from the flat so have one car that we barely use once per week. The nursery we will use is halfway to work and happily has space to leave pushchairs.

The reason I have been so confused is I was previously fixated with the idea of one hand folds and light enough to carry up stairs. Having played with a few now I realise that unless I get super human strength that will never be possible from birth. I therefore think taking baby from flat to car in car seat/ carrycot and keeping pushchair in the boot (big boot so not a problem) is most practical.

We are optimistically hoping to have a second child fairly close to this one (so 2 under 2 is possible). This has got me thinking that one that converts to double will be useful. I really like the idea of not having to go through all this again when exoecting number 2. If I were off on mat leave with number 2, husband would take child 1 to nursery so would need a wee mclaren or similar so I had bigger pushchair. If we were out at weekends most likely two of us so could just use two pushchairs I suppose or one pushchair and sling, but there may be occasion a double would be good.

Other factors that are probably useful to know are that we are both fairly tall. Oh and I want parent facing (and the moon on a stick).

Not much point me listing all that I am considering as it is a very long list of basically every pushchair, but babystyle ostyer or icandy peach do seem popular round here - are the max/blossum double versions okay as singles or do they look weird? Or should I just forget the double thing for now??

Please help!! (Thanks in advance).

Tiggywunkle Sun 27-Jan-13 23:59:45

Half of me wants to say, just buy a pushchair for now and dont get too attached to it in case you do have another soon after. But I have to say I was the same and I kicked myself later on for not buying a pushchair that can convert to a double. However the other flip side is that new double pushchairs are coming out all the time, and as has happened with the Peach, new colours and developments happen too. But I suspect neither the Peach or Oyster Max would change much for another few years (The original Peach was out for at least 3 years before the new colours arrived).

The Peach, Apple, Oyster Max and Vista are really the only pushchairs which absolutely look and function as singles. However, the Oyster Max is a big single - hard to explain when the Vista and Apple aren't that small either hmm ihateparties might be able to word that better than I can.

All these parent face.

I think its a good idea to leave the chassis in the car. However PLEASE don't use the car seat when out walking - use the carrycot or pushchair seat. I think you would find the car seat or carrycot heavy / hard to carry upstairs, so I would consider a sling for this part.

As you say, get then a lighter pushchair for the nursery run when and if you need it. I assume your pushchair will be safe at nursery. Are they ok with it being left upright?

Ihateparties Mon 28-Jan-13 00:58:03

I can't think how else to word it, the oyster max seems to have a longer chassis somehow but when you line it up to something else it's not very significant. The fold is big however.

I'm trying to figure out what I think. I can see why you want to prevent another pushchair hunt in a year or so but equally if you have never used any pushchair before it's hard to know what in real life and everyday use you will like and dislike. I planned to carry dc1 upstairs in the carrycot, in the event i did it about 3 times, it was heavy and awkward. I found just carrying him up easier.

For the most part the peach is the most sensible option because it is a true single and a great tandem which works for a variety of age gaps. I have a twone, tiggy and i sit on opposite sides of the twone/peach fence. We have both had both and have vary definite favourites based upon different factors. The twone is also a reasonable single size wise, i find the weight distribution a bit odd but you'd only have to buy one carrycot where with the peach it would be a minimum of two, one for the single then the lower one for blossom mode.

I'm still not sure i'd buy a single on this basis at all though, which is something we certainly can't decide for you!

Bambozzledbybabystuff Mon 28-Jan-13 18:34:00

Thank you both for your help.

I think the answer is a peach 2 (despite the cost). That way if we only have one/ bigger gap than currently planned, we won't have an unused double ( and i won't have cursed my future fertility by having a double sitting waiting!).

I have a few questions about it if you don't mind:

Is the blossum bought straight away any different to the peach plus blossum attachment, I couldn't tell on icandy website? Is it cheaper to buy the blossum straight off than the attachment later? Do you know if there is currently a waiting list for a peach 2 or when the newer colours are out (they may be already)?

Thanks again!

Ihateparties Mon 28-Jan-13 22:24:19

Tiggy knows more about this than me but as I understand it the cost is the same whether you buy the whole lot now or add the blossom kit on at a later date.

Technically speaking <brings up price list> as a single you buy:
Peach 2 pushchair £595
Peach 2 main carrycot £195
Core seat liner £40.
= £830 for the single :-O (not including any car seat adaptors if you want any of those).

To turn your single into a double:
Peach 2 Converter £190
Peach Blossom 2 Carrycot £185.
=£375 to convert

SO £1205 shock oh plus another liner for the lower seat, £40 - £1245!

The price list says it's £1050 for the Peach Blossom Twin 2, I haven't yet figured out what you get for that. I think it's the double pushchair with two carrycots, which you don't need but it's cheaper than the above, although you may have to add liners to that price.

It's needlessly confusing! However, I suspect you could buy:
Peach 2 £595
Liners x2 £80
Peach 2 Blossom Carrycot £185
Peach 2 Converter £190
You would then use the same carrycot on the single pushchair with your first, then later in the lower position with your second.

Some places apparently have free stock, others are struggling to obtain anything. The blossom kit is only out in black magic and silver mint.. I think but if you have a while the other two colours will probably turn up. Eventually. grin

forevergreek Mon 28-Jan-13 22:38:33

i would go for a bugaboo bee.
lightweight, parent facing, folds small, great on any public transport, folds in one for on planes, folds small for storing at nursery if needed, and is the umbrella style later on that you will go on to buy. lays flat with cocoon from birth, easy to get accessories for, works well with a buggy board for future child, and isn't the most expensive (but not cheapest,around £500 with accessories)


Tiggywunkle Mon 28-Jan-13 23:35:31

The Peach pushchair / stroller is the single.
The Blossom kit is the second seat and adaptors.

You can buy the pushchair on its own and then buy the Blossom kit later. Or you can buy the double pushchair to start with.

It's not safety tested / approved but its worth knowing that the Blossom carrycot fits as a single carrycot. Not important now, but that will be the one you need for two child mode and you may wish to look at that option in a shop.

Bambozzledbybabystuff Tue 29-Jan-13 23:24:16

Thanks everyone.

I'm starting to have a complete rethink (mainly based on the price of the peach plus all the parts). I am now thinking to look again at a single then get a double later if needed which would work out same price as the peach.

I have looked at the bee (and considered the Scoot tonight too) but I really feel I want a carrycot initially and as a tall couple the baby seemed very low down in the Bee.

I have now returned to my very first thought which was a Versa. I haven't seen one yet due to JL not having one on display due to recall but I guess it will be in soon. I did like the height and feel of the BJCM when I tried it last week so I guess the Versa is similar. I seems quite big but not a problem if storing it in the car rather than lugging it up the stairs and would be good for long days out and about (off road not an issue).

I really wish they sold fewer buggies!!

Bambozzledbybabystuff Tue 29-Jan-13 23:25:26

Or buy a Scoot and get a cheap carrycot pram second hand if I find I need it.....

Ihateparties Tue 29-Jan-13 23:33:22

I like the scoot and cheap carrycot pram plan! That's probably the desire to try more prams part of me! The versa is excellent.

Tiggywunkle Wed 30-Jan-13 00:57:46

I think the Versa is a more all round pushchair if that makes sense. I have two niggles with the Scoot for an "only" pushchair. First is that the seat either lies flat, or is upright. I know with my children, there was a good chunk of time from 6-18 months where a semi recline was really good to have. I am not sure I would know what to do with a 6 month old baby IYKWIM. I think the upright would be too upright for me. My second niggle is that there is no calf / ankle support for a baby and the footrest is too low for a toddler. My 2 year old didn't know what to do with his feet - they just dangled. I ended up crossing his legs for him because he looked so uncomfy. I like the Scoot for an older child - the seat is huge - but I would definitely steer you towards the Versa.

forevergreek Wed 30-Jan-13 07:08:10

Btw, we have the bugaboo bee. Dh is 6'3, I'm 5'4. It's adjusts perfectly. ( we also have the bugaboo cameleon , but brought 4 years ago before, I think if we brought now we would have just got the bee)

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