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BJ City mini or Out n' About 360?

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LoobyLou33 Tue 29-Jan-13 22:11:47

Thanks folks! I'll see what bargains are out there!

Tiggywunkle Fri 25-Jan-13 23:52:03

Yes, the wheels get bigger on the Elite, GT and Classic. The latter is basically an older Elite and are to be found on Ebay.
The City Mini to the Gt to the Elite get progressive lighter to push as the wheels get bigger, so yes they do make a lot of difference.

menothappy Fri 25-Jan-13 20:36:42

Larger wheels and air tyres make a large difference to how easy a pushchair is to push.
How easy it is to push counts for an awful lot when you have two children.
Believe me I know!
The new narrower nippers are very very good.

LoobyLou33 Fri 25-Jan-13 20:16:34

Thanks tiggywinkle, I assume my friend's is the V1 as I think she's had it for a few years. BUt I will find out. I haven't tried it in my car yet, as I wanted to have an idea whether I wanted it or not before looking at it.

So are the tyres a lot better on the Elite, GT and classic? I haven't even considered those! Do they all recline flat enough for a newborn? If they're pricier than a city mini I can't really consider them as we're on quite a budget anyway. Even if the tyres are better -I've ready the GT is 2kg heavier than a city mini, so surely there wouldn't be much in it when it comes to walking up hills? Tbh I hvaent thought about tyres and what difference they make.

Thank you!

Tiggywunkle Thu 24-Jan-13 23:28:10

Have you tried your friends Nipper in your car? Does it fit?
If you dont mind ditching your friend then the latest Nipper V2's are narrower - note only the latest from summer 2012, not ALL V2's if the grocers is that important smile
I had one shop I couldn't get a side by side in and so I saved that for when I could go on my own!
The Nipper is surprisingly shady partly because the seats are slightly tilted back. But again beware because the V1 is really not as good as the V2 and I wouldn't buy a V1 one. Things like the toggle recline and adjustable handlebar make a difference.

Equally I think the City Mini spec wise is much better and would be my choice - except for the pavements and hills. So in your shoes I wouldn't get the City Mini, but instead opt for the City Mini GT Double or even find an old Classic or Elite with some air tyres on.

So, check out precisely what your friend has. If its a V1, leave it. If its a V2, then get your tape measure on it.
But also look more at the other Baby Jogger options.

LoobyLou33 Thu 24-Jan-13 21:17:53

I know others have posted about this but thought I'd let you know my specific desires for the pushchair!! I only want to get a second hand one for money and environmental purposes so it wouldn't be the latest model.

DS1 will be exactly 2 when DC2 arrives in April. Currently DS1 is happy going in the buggy but I realise he may want to walk more soon. However, I often go on half hour walks into town or to various playgroups, so I want a double buggy for those longer journeys which are too far for a toddler to walk (even if he could, it would take too long!) I live in a town with rickety pavements and lots of hills! And usually get the bus back up the hill from shopping.

I'm dead set on the city mini, because of lots of features and positive reviews, but the winner so far has been the hood. With a newborn in spring/summer, keeping them shaded is difficult in most buggies, but the CM hoods are so ... comprehensive! It also looks lovely and comfy and is so easy to fold.

However a friend of a friend has an Out n About 360 she wants to sell, so I'm considering that too, but have read they're a bit wide for some doors (one of my favourite trips out is to the grocer with fairly standard/narrow doors). The hood also doesn't look so shady ;-)

I also have a vauxhall corsa so boot space isn't huge...worth considering although I don't know how much we'd take the double buggy in the car (already have a single Maclaren and slings for when we go out). I mainly want it for walks from the house.

Thanks for your thoughts, fellow buggy addicts!!

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