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Do I need the carry cot?

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WeeS Thu 24-Jan-13 19:23:31

I'm due my first baby in July, so bear with me if this is a stupid question - do I need the carry cot bit of the pram if the baby will be born in July?

OH & I have started looking at 3 in 1 travel systems, but somebody said do we really need the carry cot if it's born in summer? confused

I thought I needed it all. Totally confused! HELP!


RarelyAGobshite Thu 24-Jan-13 19:28:32

I would say most people use the car seat most when babies are tiny as its just easier to keep them in that (and asleep) when transferring them from the car.

It depends what you're planning on doing really.

Lazy days in the sunshine with no car needed I'd probably say get the cot.

But otherwise I think it's a big thing to transport and they're really not in it for long.

Never had one with my 3, and one was born in July. Good luck!

mummysmellsofsick Thu 24-Jan-13 19:40:04

I think it depends what you'll be doing. I never had one, but we stayed in a lot for the first few months and only made v short journeys with a sling or in the car to begin with. If your buggy seat lies flat it's ok but if you're going to be out walking a lot you might want the carry cot

ceeveebee Thu 24-Jan-13 19:44:41

I don't think a newborn should be in a carseats for long periods of time. They should lie completely flat. Which buggy are you buying? Does it say suitable from birth - most need some kind of carrycot I think
Not sure why the time of year is relevant?

BikeRunSki Thu 24-Jan-13 19:45:14

Bear in mind that babies should not spend more than a couple of hours at a time in car seats.

Pushchair bit alone fine if it reclines flat. Suitable models will say if they are OK from birth, it's a big selling point.

Tweedledeedum Thu 24-Jan-13 19:52:46

We used ours a lot with DS, naps in the house (being able to rock the pram side to side etc is great) and long walks. At around 3 months he started to get a bit long for it and was desperate to look around so it was a natural progression to the seat part.

The thing to consider is that for the first 3 months they should be lying down flat, so shouldn't be in a car seat for more than two hours. Our car seat clips into our pram so is very handy if he falls asleep in the car (nearly every time!) so we don't wake him when we transfer him, but he isn't in there for long periods.

WeeS Thu 24-Jan-13 20:15:46

Thanks everyone smile Still so confused by all the things I have to learn, what I need to buy and what I need to take into account!! Not sure why the time of year was relevant either confused

We're looking at either the Babystyle Oyster or the Uppababy Vista - both very similar but Oyster a little cheaper I think, which was OH's favourite. I liked the Uppababy Vista because the shopping basket underneath was bigger and it looked a bit studier. But then the Oyster had a better variety of colours..... I probably ought to get someone to give me a crash course on prams as I suppose picking a pram for its shopping basket or colour is not really the priority lol smile

GoldPlatedNineDoors Thu 24-Jan-13 20:16:19

Car seats are OK for use in the car (obvs) and a little bit of time extra but.not as a permanent seat on the pushchair - NBs should be flat as much as possible.

A carrycot is great for walks, and I also used mine for dds daytime naps too.

I loved mine and was sad when she outgrew it, but the stroller it fit onto also lays flat so she was still able to nap in that daytimes too.
Lasted about three.months, got it from Tesco online so well worth it.

TwoKidsAndCounting Thu 24-Jan-13 20:21:47

Uppababy has been given the Which? Best buy and it comes with the carry cot, this would be my choice of pram if cost wasn't a factor!

BikeRunSki Thu 24-Jan-13 21:14:13

Time of year is relevant because the carrycot is handy for snuggling down babies away from the elements! I had two Autumn babies, who were well wrapped up against teh wind and rain in the carrycot. Carrycots tend only to last about 4 months, so your July baby is likely to have grown out of it by the time the weather gets wintry.

Big shopping basket is handy, and I hated my Quinny Buzz because the shopping basket was so small things kept falling out of it.

ilovepowerhoop Thu 24-Jan-13 21:17:37

I used the carry cot bit of the pram as a downstairs place for ds to sleep during the day as we didn't have a moses basket.

ceeveebee Thu 24-Jan-13 21:48:09

Oh ok. But if a baby is born in summer they still need to lie flat surely?

milkybrew Thu 24-Jan-13 22:08:56

I would get a carrycot, my DD was summer born and the carrycot was great for two reasons, she was easily kept out of the sun and she was able to lay flat on a nice cotton sheet and stayed cool on hot days. The vista comes with the carrycot anyway and it's a good size, my DD fitted into her carrycot until 6 months, so it saw us through chilly autumn walks too. I used the carrycot for daytime naps and popped it onto a Moses basket stand in the living room. The big basket on the vista is fantastic for taking out all the bits a baby needs and still leaves room for shopping etc.

BearsLikeMarmalade Thu 24-Jan-13 22:16:26

DS was born in August and we used the carry cot (Quinny) all the time up until he was about 3-4 months old. We didn't buy a moses basket, just plonked it wherever we were in the house/put it on pram and took it upstairs next to our bed at night. We moved around quite a lot, went to a wedding etc during that time and it was great to have somewhere so familiar for him to sleep. Was definitely worth having IMO, and it was in great condition for selling on ebay later.

Tiggywunkle Thu 24-Jan-13 23:21:40

A baby should be laid flat ideally for the first 6 months or as near to that as you can get. Babies need time after being in the womb to unfurl, to expand their lungs and importantly to grow their lungs. Growth happens during sleep and so sleeping in a car seat day in and day out will not allow the lungs and other organs to develop properly because they are scrunched up. Real life means car seats are essential for many - but a baby should not be in one more than necessary ie if you drive somewhere, then unless you are literally popping into somewhere and straight back in the car and home, then the baby should be transferred to a carrycot or a lie flat pushchair. THEY SHOULD NOT BE PUSHED AROUND A SHOPPING CENTRE FOR ANOTHER HOUR OR MORE IN THEIR CAR SEAT! Sorry big rant but I see it all the time!! And I know they have been there more than 10 mins by the shopping basket full of various carrier bags.

Seasons are irrelevant because a July baby is an Autumn one by 2-3 months and a winter baby could be basking in early April / May heat if we are lucky. My LO was born in the middle of July and it was freezing and he wore a woolley fleece for the first weeks. We had some sun in August but by mid September it was freezing and wet and cold!

If you like the Oyster, then dont forget the Oyster Max is due out soon which IMHO is better than the Oyster. Its being marketed largely as a double pushchair, but can equally be bought as a single. The advantages are that its got a lie flat seat that is suitable from birth, so you don't need a carrycot, if you don't wish. But the prices are fairly reasonable anyway for one. The Vista is lovely too.

You need to a) work out what exactly you want based on your current lifestyle rather than your fictional in the future one - do you need shopping space, will you walk a long way, are you car based? What storage space do you have in your car and house? Would a carrycot LO can sleep in overnight be useful? What heights are you and your OH etc. and then b) work out your budget.

WeeS Fri 25-Jan-13 17:05:24

Wow, thanks for all your advice everyone!!

I actually hadnt considered using the pram as a daytime sleeping place, but that's a great idea and using the carrycot might save us buying something else that will be outgrown as quick. And also, if I can get a stand for it, use it as a moses basket at night. Which will free up some money!

Tiggywunkle thanks for your comments! I hadnt really taken into account having to lie baby flat (first time Mum) Ok, this might be a really stupid question, but does it have to be completely flat? We had looked at the cocoonababy and it has really good reviews, but I'm quite interested to know if I really need it? Or is it a waste of money? confused

Oh & I'll definately check out the Oyster Max, I'd thought it was just a double buggy smile

DoItToJulia Fri 25-Jan-13 17:15:57

I have the uppababy vista and love it! The carry cot was what sold it to me. It is fully ventilated so can be used for overnight sleeping, so if you go away for the night, or the baby has Moses basket aversion!

I would really recommend the vista. I liked the oyster too, but it felt flimsier compared. If yo have a kiddicare near you, you can push them all around and try folding them and attaching all the bits and bobs. Then you will be in a better position to decide!
Ps I looked at the cocoon baby and decided against it as a similar product has been removed from the market as dangerous. I will try and find the link and post it.


WeeS Fri 25-Jan-13 17:28:22

Thanks, that'd be great! Just as well we didn't buy it!

I agree on the vista - I thought it felt a bit sturdier. I was attracted by the Oyster partly for the lovely polka dot colour set I could get with it grin but I'm fast learning that that's not what choosing a pram is all about haha smile

DoItToJulia Fri 25-Jan-13 18:32:23

Gah, I can't find it, but will keep looking. I think it was an American version.

It looked lovely too sad.

Congratulations by the way!

WeeS Fri 25-Jan-13 20:15:24

Thanks DoItToJulia! smile

It's all very new and exciting grin I'm only just starting to show, bump seems to have just popped out all of a sudden. People are being really nice to me, with the exception of some of the old-school midwives, haha, but I'm getting used to it smile

DoItToJulia Fri 25-Jan-13 20:32:28

Ah, it's such an exciting time! I was bewildered by all the stuff you could buy, but this time around I just bought the minimum s I know how quickly you are done with it all!

A really good travel system pram was where I spent my money mind, I use it everyday and it should last till baby is 3 or 4! For the uppababy I went to a local baby centre and bought a £10 Moses basket stand for the carry cot and it is in the living room for nap time

Baby just needs somewhere to sleep (this time I bought a crib as they last longer than a basket), clothes, nappies a baby bath (I really like the tippee toes one) and feeding stuff....either nursing bras and pads or bottles steriliser and formula.

I did buy a bouncy chair too.

Over time, people have bought things like toys, a baby gym etc for us. But honestly my advice would be don't go OTT with stuff!

Good luck!

Mutley77 Sat 26-Jan-13 07:57:30

I have the mountain buggy swift for dc3 which is totally lie flat as i want baby to lie flat beyond the life of the carrycot. There is a carrycot too and i am not sure whether to bother with that or not as yet.

WeeS Sun 27-Jan-13 16:20:29

It's confusing stuff! I think we'll probably get the carry cot too as it sounds like a good place for baby to sleep during the day smile

Supershiv1 Sun 27-Jan-13 21:30:44

Hi WeeS
I'm due in July too and yesterday shortlisted the Oyster and Vista.
Found the Oyster really easy to fold, but unlike Vista carrycot not suitable for over night. I'm confused as to how much of an issue this is!
Get on the July ante-natal thread if you're not already. S x

AmandinePoulain Sun 27-Jan-13 21:39:41

I've got an Oyster and was lucky enough to be lent a carrycot for it. Dd2 was an August baby so was lovely and snug in the carrycot through the autumn. I mostly use the pushchair seat now though - at nearly 6 months she still fits in the carrycot but she hates lying flat when she's awake - she's too nosy grin. I didn't have a carrycot for dd1, we had a Graco with a lie flat seat and I really regretted that when she was tiny. The carrycot is fab for daytime naps, but it isn't suitable for overnight because the sides aren't ventilated enough if the baby rolls over and their face goes against the side (not that that is an issue for dd2, she's a real lazybones and shows no interest in rolling over at all grinhmm)

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