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P&Ts or Out n About? Toddler and newborn?

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Sleepstarved Wed 23-Jan-13 17:02:48

Am torn between the P&Ts, ideally an Explorer second hand, or a Navigator if we can find a good price, or an Out n About Nipper.
My toddler is almost 2 and quite tall and DC2 is due in two months.

Any likes or dislikes of either would be really handy to know.

As I see it:
Out n About, pros - both children can lie flat to sleep, neither is quashed and looking at back of a seat, and shopping basket is underneath without kids' feet in it, light to push and easy to fold.
Out n About cons - not particularly big seat for a toddler (may be a bit narrow), getting them up from reclining seems a hassle with them in it, can't use newborn car seat on it.

P&Ts, pros - inline so shops no problem, can use car seat even though may be a bit of a hassle changing seats over, could last longer as can use as single when toddler outgrown.
P&Ts cons - once outgrown cocoon underneath seat doesn't recline well or at all, underneath child is looking at back of other and has feet in shopping.

Really, really stuck.
We def want a three-wheeler as live out near woods ect and our current Silver Cross Surf keeps getting stuck (we both hate it).

Any experience of either of these buggies? Anything you really love or really hate? Any advice would be really appreciated!

menothappy Wed 23-Jan-13 19:28:58

I've had both. Both excellant in different circumstances.
Nipper is really good for rough ground and very easy to push.
Seats are big enough for a 4 year old to sleep if ness.
P&T good for shopping as it's narrower. Also good for when new baby can sit in the second seat.
My advice would be, get both 2nd hand if poss. then you would cover every poosible predicament.

oooggs Wed 23-Jan-13 19:33:35

With your out n about cons, I disagree with the size of the seat, I could get a 4 year old in mine, not that I needed too!!!! Used it from newborn twins to toddler twins to newborn and a toddler (twins had to take it in turns walking). Moving them from laying down to sitting up isn't difficult either.

But yes it doesn't take a newborn car seat

Tiggywunkle Wed 23-Jan-13 23:38:32

Are you looking at an older Nipper or a newer one? I have had both and the new Narrow V2 Nipper fits through doors easily and has the new toggle recline so sitting a child up is MUCH easier than it used to be. We have only just sold our V2 (only because we moved house) and our then just 4 year old was riding in it. The new basket is a PITA though - the older one was much better.
For two toddlers the Nipper is fab but I dont like the huge harnesses for a newborn....and for shopping I think you will find the basket a pain. Don't even start me on P&Ts but I agree with all your points but most of all you need to address where the baby goes between the ages of say 4-12 months when they want a nap. Plus as your eldest gets heavier the balance will shift if they go underneath and the baby on top. There's NO room for shopping.
So if shopping is what you do, I would consider something else...
Honestly - there's too many pros and cons for each that I would keep looking smile

Sleepstarved Thu 24-Jan-13 09:38:21

Thanks for your help everyone.
We were looking at the new Out n About Tiggy.
oooggs is your four-year-old in the new Nipper? We put DD in it yesterday, without a coat on and it was ok, but would have been snug with coat/snowsuit on. She is on 91st centile for height and weight, so a big girl but not massive and is long rather than chunky IYKWIM. She seemed comfy enough in it right now, but I was wondering how long she'd fit in it for. (she is getting too tall for our Silver Cross Surf).

Its so hard to find a buggy that does everything we want without any major compromises!
Basically, we need it to be good in mud and deep leaves but also ok for shopping.
We have a big car boot so folding not necessarily an issue but would prefer it were not a tank.
Need to be able to get newborn flat and then at a good recline when a little older and toddler at least to recline a bit (still sleeps in pushchair), would like to be able to get newborn carseat on it if necessary.

Any ideas of alternatives if neither of these are any good?

oooggs Thu 24-Jan-13 10:36:49

It was an old fixed wheel nipper, my children are tall for age and average build.

Have you tried them both? Everyone will prefer one or the other, I found the p&t tipped easily when I tried it out (with children in it) whereas the nipper was so stable I could have 2 in the seats and one sat on the hood blush.

Those days are long gone now as dc4 has just turned 4 and the dts are nearly 6.

Sleepstarved Thu 24-Jan-13 17:06:28

oooggs yes, we had DD in both but DC2 not born yet so haven't tried them with two yet.
We liked the push of the out n about but thought it would be annoying being so wide. I know it won't go up the aisle in our village shop for example.
Thought the phil and ted's would be better from that perspective but don't like that little recline on the underneath seat for younger one (who will be the one who naps in it more).
It's so annoying!

oooggs Fri 25-Jan-13 20:28:53

Our double nipper went through our front door, which it had too as I wanted to be able to leaving sleeping twins in it.

So much choice these days. I saw a bugaboo donkey the day. Very interesting, but not as much so to have more children wink

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