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Buggy or bugaboo bee?

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Tiggywunkle Wed 23-Jan-13 12:46:05

I would be more concerned about a Bee getting damaged on a flight than a Donkey. I would get a City Mini too. There's less chance of something flat and rewasinably robust getting damaged than a Bee with a floppy seat, curved bars and bits of plastic that could snap all over.

Nanny01 Wed 23-Jan-13 12:04:59

Do you needs single or double, light weight is the key. Baby jogger city minis are great for traveling with. I took my bee and unless it goes in a travel bag it will get damaged. The bee is lovely still think the canopy on bjcm is better for hotter destinations. The hood isn't as low as the bees so you will get more mileage out of it. Maybe others will have other ideas.

shinyblackgrape Wed 23-Jan-13 10:29:38

I need to stop googling as I now really want a bee!

shinyblackgrape Wed 23-Jan-13 10:16:38

DS is 7 weeks old and we have a bugaboo donkey that I love. However, we're going on holiday in June and September and I'm thinking about prams.

September hol is a cruise so we could theoretically take the donkey. However, June holiday is on a flight and I don't want to take donkey on the plane

I was thinking that I should just get a buggy. However, I see from eBay that I could get a bugaboo bee really cheaply. Whatever I get, I will use after with the donkey.

Any thoughts? Do I just need a bog standard pushchair? If so, any recommendations?

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