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Has anyone got a Petite Star Zia - Need advice!

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ProtegeMoi Tue 22-Jan-13 18:34:31

Thanks for that.

My daughter isn't sitting up alone yet so needs to have it led back and most likely will do for a while.

I have contacted Nursery Value where I bought it from and they have said I need to return it at my expense and that it is a standard size.

I can't seem to get the point across that it isn't the size of the pram but more the positioning of the straps and that silly bit of fabric that sits over their head and am quite annoyed at having to pay to return an item that is unfit for purpose seeing as my daughter is well within the age and weight limits and yet does not fit safely.

Tiggywunkle Tue 22-Jan-13 17:22:21

I dont have this model but I know exactly what you mean. My just two year old filled the seat unit of the one I had and he too struggled when laid flat. However he is a year older than your child, and he did still fit...and usually....I say carefully....once a child is over 2, they tend to nap less so the recline by then may not be needed. But its the only pushchair where my child can reach the footrest. Being fair though, it would get him to 3 - but no its not the biggest pushchair, and I know exactly what you mean, and I would be swapping it.

ProtegeMoi Tue 22-Jan-13 16:57:46

I have just bought a Petite Star Zia x - The new model with adjustable handles and lie flat position. On first impressions i'm really impressed with it but the big problem I am having is that the shoulder and crotch straps sit so high on the pram (and are not re-positionable) that it forces the child to sit quite high up the pram.

This isn't a problem in the sitting up position but when I lie the pram down my daughter's head is actully hanging off the edge of the backrest. This can't be right surely? She is only 8 months old and very small for her age so more like 6 months.

It's supposed to last until 3 years!

Has anyone else got this pram and if so what is it like when reclined? I am wondering if this is a fault with my pram in which case I can change it for another one the same or is this how the pram is made in which case I need to find another one altogether.


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