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Super-padded buggy liner

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HiccupHaddockHorrendous Sun 20-Jan-13 12:56:35

I have a P&T dash which comes with really padded seat liners that Velcro onto each seat. I don't like the pattern on the liners so am looking for an alternative that will fit the main seat and the doubles seat.

The seats, without the liners, are very hard and have no padding at all, just the base board with a piece of fabric covering it.

Anyone know of any shops that sell a good selection of liners for me to go and have a look? I have had quite a few liners, bought online, and they're mostly very thin to protect the seat rather than to give any extra padding.

I have used a Bowron sheepskin liner in the back but it always moves out of place when I put a child in so I need something that I could add a piece of Velcro to or something than fits in the same was as the dash ones.

Or maybe I should learn to love the ones that are on there grin

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