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Parent facer for larger toddler bug cam? Ideas?

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Tiggywunkle Sat 19-Jan-13 14:53:29

The City Select seat size is similar to the Versa. The issue you will find with the City Select is that its long at the front - the front parts stick out. Plus its very wide and heavy. It is a single to tandem option and because of that there are compromises as a single.

WhenYouHearThatFireAlarm Sat 19-Jan-13 07:15:45

Hmmmm versa looks lovely....max my budget though, is a city select seat the same size? Didn't like look of the joolz day, sorry! Also fold not a prob day to day but maybe when in and out dh car.....the city select maybe cheaper but what about seat size? Also I can see one of them near me, do john lewis do the versa? Will go investigate properly, thank you!

WhenYouHearThatFireAlarm Sat 19-Jan-13 07:04:25

Ok will look at the versa, thanks for ideas, was wondering about that quinny recline parent facing actually. Viewing a second hand cam near me next week, will see what it's like, may get a bargain! Other option is bike trailer and bug bee for town/bus, am already sick of the hassle with my big three wheeler on the bus! Any more ideas very welcome!

Tiggywunkle Fri 18-Jan-13 22:38:06

I agree - go for a Versa. Fabulous pushchair with plenty of room for a 2.5 year old and older... Looks also at a Joolz Day but they are bulky folded. But again they have huge seats and air tyres.

Ihateparties Fri 18-Jan-13 22:16:46

Without question a baby jogger city Versa, the seat is enormous and the push is easy with a large toddler. The normal version is lighter than the gt version with better suspension so unless you need the terrain wheels particularly I would go for that, plus it's cheaper.

A buzz would be no good for you as the seat doesn't sit upright parent facing, it only reclines and semi reclines. I have heard a Cam is harder to push and steer with a 15kg child on board.

I have also heard lots of fabulous things about Brio Gos but they are only available used now :-(

WhenYouHearThatFireAlarm Fri 18-Jan-13 22:02:38

Ok, my car broke down last week and is now on the scrap heap! So pushchair issues of course have arisen! I have always walked to school but not day in day out morn and afternoon, now I am! It is a good 25 mins with my walking reception child, we have sledges for this snow and sometimes scoot but path bumpy etc. sorry pre amble but you need the whole pic to give me right ideas people!!! So my 2.5 yr old is in a front facing three wheeler, all good but I'm walking loads and then added on extra walking to errands like shop/toddlers group etc, she does walk a lot but is in buggy far more than when we nipped places in the car, so......despite her age I feel I want a parent facer so we can chat and give her a bit of shelter from head on winds etc and chat with her big sis. I'm looking into bug cam on eBay, she fits in them ( tried in John lewis!) and hood goes over head, nice deep seat....but id have to get second hand, new not worth it....any one use a bug for similar age? She's 15kg and tall. Any other ideas? Could get a new quinny in my budget, just the buzz one, but worry seat smaller than cam, what else? Seen cheap new bug bees online but need something sturdier for amount of trekking about we now doing. Help please! Am sick of rushing about telling her to wait till we get there so we can speak, giv her snacks etc, imagine would so much nicer to see her!

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