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Bugaboo cameleon- for the snow

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forevergreek Fri 18-Jan-13 09:38:50

Hi just a quick question. On the cameleon does anyone know how to lock the swivel wheels? I keep pushing the white sliding buttons down but nothing seems to happen

I am going to attempt using it with the large wheels at te front, small at the back and locked to get through the current snow easier. Does this work? Currently with the large wheels at the front and swivel at the back it doesn't seem to push without locking itself kind of. So I'm hoping locking the wheels will help

Any info will be great . Thank you

Tiggywunkle Fri 18-Jan-13 14:30:01

Do you push them up rather than down? The white sliders - whichever way - should lock the wheels. You probably could do with snow wheels though.

forevergreek Fri 18-Jan-13 15:17:03

Ah yes worked it out now. Thanks. They only lock facing one way it seems.

We actually have a great snow buggy but it's in Switzerland ( second home due to work). So just needed the cameleon to cope a bit for the next few days ( it works with the wheels like this but a pain to steer compared to usual) . Might turn back if it gets annoying!


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