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Phil and Teds Navigator question

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RECC Sun 13-Jan-13 18:33:29

Hi everyone, after lots of debate I'm thinking of getting the Navigator for my 2 year old son and baby due in March. I just wondered if anyone knew if you can recline the second seat when it is in the upper position for a toddler while a new born is using the lie flat area.

My son still has a daytime nap in the pushchair and I need something to accommodate this...

Ihateparties Sun 13-Jan-13 18:42:27

I'm pretty sure you can't but i would be interested to know for certain... anyone?

Tiggywunkle Mon 14-Jan-13 02:17:44

No you can't. You would squish your newborn to be blunt!
Phil&Teds all round aren't great for a newborn and a toddler who naps. TBH you would be better off looking at something like the Britax B-Dual or Babystyle Oyster Max to give you this option.

Gemha79 Mon 14-Jan-13 03:51:49

I have the navigator and it worked just fine with my toddler and newborn. Luv it! There is a bar under the double kit seat that offers safe clearance from tot above! Try before you buy though!

Mosman Tue 15-Jan-13 02:41:10

My toddler sleeps bolt upright in his car seat most days, it's not the ideal but I think for all the other benefits you get with a phil and teds outweigh the big one lying flat. At some stage you'd be taking the baby out anyway the chances of them both sleeping at the same time are slim - unfortunately - you can them recline the big one.

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