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double pram suggestions needed

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smileysarah12 Sun 13-Jan-13 00:41:20

I am looking one for my 2 year old and a new born boy. I live in Finland and the there is snow or rain almost the whole. I dont have a car and use public transport all the time. The doors are mostly 80-90 cm wide here so width is not an issue. Can you suggest a good one for snow covered hilly areas or just hilly areas. I was thinking about Mountain buggy or easy walker but being put off by the reviews. Really dont like the zip for the recline in easy walker. My 2 year old always sleep in the pram, we need one easy to recline and pull him back up. I can spend upto £600 but can only use retailers which can deliver in Finland.

Tiggywunkle Sun 13-Jan-13 01:35:34

My problem is I dont know who can deliver to Finland...neither do we generally have the quantity of snow that you have!

If you dont like a zip recline then that also rules out the TFK Twinner Twist Duo. I would be suggesting the Baby Jogger City Elite Double but they are discontinued here now and I very much doubt you could find one new. My guess is that the BJCMGT wheels aren't big enough for snow?
The Mountain Buggy Duo is also discontinued too but you may be able to find one around. I would suggest the Nipper is probably the best bet but I just dont find it snuggly for winter with the one open hood and the mesh behind the sleeping child's head. Much as I like the Nipper this would really put me off if its more rainy and snowy than here!

How about a Bugaboo Donkey? Or importing a Stroll-Air My Duo with air tyres from the US? Can you buy the Donkey second hand there? I dont know how much the Stroll-Air would be to import.

The zip reclines are a real pain especially if you have two children to lower up or down - I agree with you that a toggle recline is easier especially for the eldest. I have to say, I would be hunting down an Elite....but otherwise...hmm....probably getting a Twinner Twist Duo for the features and child comfort. After that a Nipper....

I have pondered off road tandems but I dont think they would work well with a sleeping child.

smileysarah12 Mon 14-Jan-13 07:05:25

Prams are really expensive here. A second hand bugaboo is will cost almost a same price as a new one from UK. I know that amazon Uk, mothercare and pramsworld do deliver in Finalnd with a £20-35 delivery. I am still keeping the single pram we have purchased for our older son instead of buying a new one. Its a local brand named MOSMO and its perfect for the weather here. We both loved it plus it comes with fleece lining to keep the child warm which is not possible to have in for brands which are not nordic. Unfortunately, they do not make double. I have been to local shops and they are selling mountain buggy duo/ duet and again price is too high. Some shops are also selling baby jogger mini GT double and they are of the opinion that they are fine for the snow. What are your opinions for BUMBLERIDE INDIE TWIN and Emmalunja doible city cross.

Tiggywunkle Mon 14-Jan-13 10:50:55

Actually, the Bumbleride Indie Twin is fab!! How on earth could I forget that when I have one sat here looking at me!! Its great off road, has lovely big hoods, good seating positions, feels great to push. Yes - absolutely! The downside of the Indie Twin is that its bulky folded - but if you have no car, then maybe you don't need to fold it?? Yes, thats the one I would choose TBH. Theres a good review here with photos.
But it has the toggle recline you need, and it would be cosy for the children with some footmuffs.
Yes, I would choose it out of the others. If you need to fold it, then its very similar to a Nipper but more chunky folded.

I haven't had the Emmaljunga but the doubles are meant to be pretty big and heavy I believe..

gruber Fri 18-Jan-13 20:48:17

Emmaljunga - yes a double city cross is massive, but great for cold weather. Because they are Swedish built they are designed to cope with snow/ice/rain. I took mine out in the heavy snow (2009) and it was great, really sturdy & no problems with terrain- much better than the P & Teds. The hood is huge & apron too. It is built like a tank! But if you are walking a lot in harsh conditions it's definitely up to the job.

The recline is fabulous. Easily room for both babies to sleep comfortably (have had 18mth old & a big 2 yr old side by side, not squashed at all). I imagine they'd deliver to Finland...

Loved mine so much I now have an Emmaljunga Edge (single) & if only this baby would come out (41 weeks) I'd be pushing it through the snow here!

Hope this helps & you find a pushchair.

gruber Fri 18-Jan-13 20:52:16

Sorry, meant to say the recline on the Emmaljunga is a grasp one- I.e. you lift up a latch, slide it down, reverse to sit up. Very easy and can be done one-handed without disturbing a sleeping child.

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