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carrycot bedding advice please?!

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peanutMD Sat 12-Jan-13 10:23:10

I had a reversible lay flat pushchair for DS so used the footmuff on seat to keep him comfy but this time I have a proper carrycot and have no idea what to do with it!

I have a new matress so I'm thinking I just need something to cover out and keep baby warm?

Thinking if buying pillow protectors to use as sheets as they are thicker (not the plastic ones obviously) and can be used again in future, is this safe?

In terms of warmth the cot has an apron thing on it so I guess just a cellular blanket would be fine.

have I got it completely wrong or am I missing something?

milkybrew Sat 12-Jan-13 15:35:19

I used the bedding I was using in our Moses basket. Popped one of the little fitted sheets over the carrycot mattress, no extra expense as I'd already bought them. I'd say it depends on the temperature as to what you'd cover baby with, the apron goes over the carrycot but it's not close to the baby so cold air would get in around them. I think I swaddled my DD in a blanket when it was chilly but she was a spring baby. If she'd been a winter baby I'd have done the same bit with a snowsuit on underneath!

Safmellow Sat 12-Jan-13 18:27:43

I used adult sized pillow cases as mattress sheets and tucked the corners in! I think I also used several layered thin blankets and tucked them in at the bottom. DD still kicked them off though sad

Mosman Thu 17-Jan-13 14:46:52

I probably wouldn't use a pillow protector, a lamb skin would work and keeps them warm in winter and cool in summer

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