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I candy strawberry

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turnwest Fri 11-Jan-13 20:46:51


Just wondered if anyone who has the I candy strawberry has used the pushchair before their baby is 6 months old? My Ds is a large, very long baby and even though he is only 13 weeks his feet are nt far from the end of his carrycot and he s starting to dislike going in it. I candy say pushchair should only be used from 6 months though so I m not sure what to do really. We have tried him in the pushchair seat and he looked fine in it, more than big enough but I don't want to harm him physically if their is a reason I should nt use it before 6 months. Just wondered if anyone has had a similar problem? Thanks.

Ihateparties Fri 11-Jan-13 21:20:21

There are a couple of things, spine development and also lung development and breathing. There is evidence that oxygen levels in the blood fall if the head and neck are positioned badly, ie chin on chest = difficult to breathe, that sort of thing. I can never remember the full whack of info but the basic rule is keep em lying flat for as near to 6 months as possible.

Also, after a few dcs my concept of outgrown has changed massively, with dc1 I would have thought, as you do that feet near the end oh no he's getting too big.. now I find they're not too big until there are limbs hanging out grin Touching the sides and ends variously is absolutely fine unless it somehow makes them impossibly irate?

If he does genuinely dislike it and cries continuously it's a slightly different matter. Plenty of people do use the seats before 6 months but you do have to be aware of the potential risks and be sensible about how long you leave him in the seat. If it were me if he mildly dislikes it but also still sleeps in there I would definitely stick with it, if he screams constantly throughout every outing then I think I'd have to admit defeat.

There was a thread recently with properly explained info on the spine and lung development thing, what I have said is vague and waffly but the general idea blush

Tiggywunkle Sat 12-Jan-13 01:07:16

I agree totally with the above.
Unless your baby is actually properly unhappy in the carrycot - and I mean crying and really straining to sit up rather than just wanting to see more of the world - then most babies - even long / big babies should be fine in an averaged sized carrycot - including the Strawberry until 6 months (the caveat being there are some smaller carrycots out there). My son is over 2 and he technically still fits in a carrycot and I have had him sleeping in one (he fell asleep and I had nowhere to put him!!)

I spent a long time this week discussing with an expert as to why babies should be laid flat / not in car seats for too long and I hadn't realised how a baby being in a car seat too long day in and day out, or put into a pushchair bucket seat too soon really does affect spine and lung development.

I would persist with the carrycot, and if it really isn't working then consider putting a wedge into the seat unit and still lying it flat until 6 months.

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