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Babystyle Oyster Max vs. P&T Navigator

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pinkpeony4 Fri 11-Jan-13 14:08:22

Hi there

I am expecting dc4 in around 7 weeks and will need to get another double to use for the new baby and ds3 who will be 2.3 years.

I was wondering whether anyone has any experience of the Babystyle Oyster Max with Children of similar ages? Does it convert into a single easily? Where does the child on the lower seat put their feet? It looks like they dangle into the ground. Where in London can you look/buy one?

Alternatively, I was going to get a P&T Navigator. Does anyone have any feedback on these?

Thanks. I really want a tandem that converts easily into a single for when ds3 is at nursery.

Ihateparties Fri 11-Jan-13 14:29:33

Hummm Tiggy has the real low down on the oyster max, i've been using it for the past week with dcs 2 and 3 aged 2y10m and 10m. There's a lot to like and tbh i'm not sure how the production model is going to turn out so comments are sort of subjective at this point.

The lower seat and basket thing is really fine, the feet sit in the basket, dc2 is 95cm and no issues size wise plus tiggy must have photos of her 107cm dc in there. The hoods slide up on both seats which is useful. The conversion is super easy, you just click the lower seat off, the lower sockets are removable too although i haven't done this, i'm not really sure in what circumstances you would irl.

The problem i have had is with the upper seat being the one with the recline on, the only way you can use the recline is if it is parent facing, my toddler tolerated this but did not like it at all as the upper footrest was right in her face and she had an even worse view than usual. She has been riding in the lower seat of our jane twone for the past 6 months so is used to the tandem set up, not new to a lower seat. The lower seat has 1 recline, which is still pretty upright, i'm sure babies can and will sleep this upright but i'm struggling to get my head round how you would place the children once the baby comes out of the carrycot. It's very upright for a 5 or 6m old, the upper seat can't recline ff with a child in the lower one and if you turn it pf space is very tight.I suspect some kids would be fine with this in reality though and some wouldn't.

I suspect the navigator has more recline on the lower seat but i'm not sure, the dot definitely has.

Tiggywunkle Sat 12-Jan-13 01:37:49

There is nowhere you can really go and look at an Oyster Max as yet. They are due here in the next month or so though, so I believe.

I think the Oyster Max is excellent - it pushes great, is easy to convert etc. The seats are comfy, have hoods which slide up. The lower child has their feet in the basket. The upper child has a good footrest down below but when they are smaller the footrest isnt as good.
ihateparties has explained about the recline. This is something we have strongly fed back to Babystyle and we really hope they do something magical to add more recline to the rear seat. However I loved having my LO on the top parent facing with the toddler underneath, but you do have to have a fairly tolerant toddler. My tolerated it too, but wasn't that happy, but wasn't desperately unhappy either IYKWIM! I think its a nice way for the older child to see their sibling.

The Oyster Max is really light to push, easy to fold, light to carry and lift etc. But as mentioned above the testers gave feedback, back to Babystyle, so the finished Oyster Max may be different to the one we have had.

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