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Phil and Ted Dot, bloody flipping stupid wheels!

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Bearfrills Wed 09-Jan-13 21:56:19

I had a P&T Explorer which I got in September 2011 when DD was born. In June 2012 it totally crapped out on me. It went back to Motherboard because a screw fell out of it, but I couldn't see where from, and the folding mechanism wasn't locking. It was repaired and came back after a week (during which we had the world's worst courtesy buggy), within two days of getting it back the front wheel began to judder and stick, it felt like I was pushing it along a bumpy road all the time. It went back and was repaired again. Then the brake started sticking and I found that on one of the other repairs the straps supporting the seat (holding it to the frame) hadn't been screwed back on properly and were almost frayed through.

I had a huge kick off with Mothercare and, eventually after lots of hassle, got it exchanged for the P&T Dot, which was delivered in August 2012.

That was, what? Five months ago, give or take. This afternoon I noticed that the buggy felt off when I was pushing it. This offness soon became a judder just like the Explorer had hmm When I'm pushing it it feels like the wheels are level, like it's wobbling - it's not actually wobbling, that's just what the sensation of pushing it feels like and judder is the best word for it.

I've checked the wheels for punctures, removed them, cleaned them, lubricated them, swore at them - and it's still juddering. I got DH and my mum to try it out in case it was my imagination and they felt it too.

So now it's back to Mothercare tomorrow. I'm a little worried they'll think I'm taking the piss bringing back a different model with the same issue as the first. Has anyone has the same juddering issue or other issues with the wheels? If they give me any grief I'd like to be able to say others have the same issue so it's not just me!

SweepTheHalls Wed 09-Jan-13 22:02:08

My vibe started juddering this week! I have no idea why! Hope someone comes along with a solution as it is blimin irritating!

Bearfrills Wed 09-Jan-13 22:04:50

It seems to be common across all the models from what I'm hearing.

It's a shame because I love everything else about it and I'm really hoping this isn't the beginning of a repeat of the faff on I had with the Explorer!

FoofFighter Wed 09-Jan-13 22:07:03

Something to do with the wheel bearings I think from memory?

Bearfrills Wed 09-Jan-13 22:13:59

I've got wine in the fridge ready for tomorrow night, I may need it after last time - DD is small and slippery so kept escaping from every courtesy pushchair we tried her in, we were in store for nearly three hours.

Bearfrills Sun 13-Jan-13 11:38:25

I went on Friday to drop it off and was given a courtesy pushchair.

It was quite quick and as we were leaving the store it had started to rain so I got the raincover off the bottom of the courtesy buggy and it wouldn't fit. It was roughly the size of a napkin and the courtesy buggy was a hulking great Silvercross 3D. I went back to the desk and asked for help. Turns out the raincover was for an Oyster not a 3D.

The assistant went and got the 'right' raincover. We spent ages trying to put it on but it was simply too big. The assistant went and got another universal raincover and put it on the buggy. It was also flipping huge and had huge rigid hoops running through it so couldn't be squished down. The 3D was roughly twice it's normal width with the raincover on and looked like a giant bubble on wheels.

The assistant said that the fasteners for the raincover go right under the buggy which will snug it down more (they don't) and stop it sticking out and anyway, it's drier to have it too big than too small hmm

The raincover made the buggy wider than the aisle on the bus and I got stuck, had to unfasten it all to get on. Then when we got off the bus and I put it back on (still raining) the wind kept catching it. It was like pushing around a large sail and I almost lost my grip during some of the larger gusts. We were next to the main road too so I was a bit <panic>, ended up taking it off and chucking my coat over the hood to keep DD sheltered.

Then yesterday, walking down to school with DS, DH was laughing that I couldn't drive the buggy straight. It's not me! So he had a turn and no, it really wasn't me. The buggy is pulling noticeably to the right and every so often that wheel stops spinning and just sort of skids/drags along for a few paces. The frame is also really shaky and jiggles.

DH rang them and they said a courtesy buggy isn't going to be pristine. I don't expect pristine! I do expect it to have the right accessories though such as a raincover that fits and I expect it to be in usable condition. She said to go in and they'd try sort something out but our 'local' Mothercare isn't especially local and I'd already paid almost £10 in bus fare getting there on Friday, no way was I paying another £10 (to be followed by another £10 when my own buggy is ready to be collected).

I've managed to borrow a spare buggy from a family member. Not major issues, granted, but I'm definitely a bit pissed off that it's been a hassle again after all the hassle we had in our last dealing with them.

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