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Need some pushchair pros advice!

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Tiggywunkle Sat 12-Jan-13 22:39:54

Oyster, Mutsy Evo, iCandy Cherry, MyChild Pinto, Baby Jogger Versa??

Abs2010 Sat 12-Jan-13 11:30:28

Thanks so much for the advice, you don't realise how much a simple thing can make a difference. Definitely going to use either the carry cot or pushchair!
Any recommendations for the best reasonably priced parent facing pushchair from 6 months?

peanutMD Fri 11-Jan-13 19:30:24

The Graco Junior is only compatible with Graco travel systems.

Agree with Tiggy about car seat though.

Its not good for spine development and my friends 4 week old has just came out of hospital after he was unable to eat and having abdominal cramps (you could see his stomach tense before he screamed sad) all because he was in his car seat to be rear facing and according to Doctors he was unable to pass wind because of the seating position.

Babies should really be lying flat whether its forward or rear facing.

Abs2010 Thu 10-Jan-13 13:36:44

Does anyone know how compatible the Graco Junior car seat is with other pushchairs? I have looked on the website and it states its only compatible with graco travel systems, but surely it should work with any graco pushchair?

Or does anyone know if it works on any other brand? Thanks again!

Abs2010 Thu 10-Jan-13 13:20:56

Thanks for the advice! smile

Tiggywunkle Thu 10-Jan-13 01:09:13

I would hang on another 2 months and you will have a much greater choice.
Please consider using the carrycot if you are out for more than 2 hours. I was only hearing tonight about how prolonged time in car seats affects lung function and how use every day of car seats can affect spine development especially during sleep periods. Its only a few more weeks!

extracrunchy Wed 09-Jan-13 21:46:41

Mamas & Papas Sola or for lighter weight Chico Multiway.

Abs2010 Wed 09-Jan-13 21:38:02

Ok so I currently have a Graco Quattro tour sport travel system which I'm reasonably happy with, however after forking out quite a bit for it I'm realising my mistake. My baby is now 4 months old, she didn't really use the carry cot as she's too nosy so had to put her in the car seat so she could look around and I'm getting the feeling that by the time she's ready to use the normal pushchair part, its going to be far too big for just that bit.
So what I would like to know is what's the best pushchair for a 4 month old ( up until 3 years if poss) that can be multi facing, easily collapsed, compact lightweight and spacious basket? Does such a pushchair exist? P.s I am also not a millionaire lol!
Or am I better waiting until she's 6 months and getting a lightweight bog standard forward facing pushchair?

Thank you, if anyone could help you'd be amazing and potentially save me another costly mistake!

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