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Anyone heard of Esprit Vegas Travel System Trio Set ??

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irismom Mon 07-Jan-13 19:18:52

I just started shopping around for a travel system, and read somewhere about the "precious little ones" website. It is my first time around there and seen a good bargain on this -Esprit Vegas- one. I dont think i have seen this pushchair anywhere. was trying to get reviews online, with no luck. please, please let me know if anyone have one or know anyone who uses/had one.
also any suggestions on good/ durable/ not very expensive pushchairs??
Thanks in advance

Ihateparties Mon 21-Jan-13 22:04:45

What do you think of something like this slightly more money but looks nice for a newborn. Or this?

I think the graco one you linked to would probably be fine although I have never actually seen one. I have had one of those tesco head huggers and it would be fine inside. If you want something to last longer then I suppose a bigger footmuff and something to put inside would be better, if you're less bothered then something more like a cocoon type thing is possibly more supportive?

I've got one of these in black that I got used off ebay for very little, which is nice and enclosed and works well in a lie flat pushchair. The only problem was I had to cut and sew new holes for the waist straps as for some reason it only had holes for a 3 point harness.

Anything there you think will work? TBH for the money I think the Graco one would be fine too grin

Ihateparties Tue 22-Jan-13 19:58:34

this? No photo though. I had a purple mb footmuff that was lovely and this one is sand coloured.

irismom Tue 05-Feb-13 09:41:28

hi.. Ihateparties sorry culdnt reply sooner.. was busy sorting out other things.. got a date for Elective CS, on 25th of Feb and everything seems so real now. was going thro all other talk links abt moses basket/washing/bath/clothes/........
I love the M-P cocoon one, which was £29.50 everywhere 10 days before. was waiting for that to reduce somemore n much to my horror they are for £59 now, everywhere other than PLO. so have ordered that yest, nt sure wthr it will be available, as it shows as pre-order in their site. I like the sleek look of it and the colour. I hope I will get that soon.
thank u all for your valid suggestions, infact, my hubby was so happy and thankful for the help i have got from here. wine

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