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My knickers are all a-twist over doubles! Come and help me!

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cairnterrier Tue 08-Jan-13 14:00:18

Have you looked at the Phil and Ted's Promenade?

Tiggywunkle Tue 08-Jan-13 01:11:08

coughs given you are going to be in the US, the Peach seat is suitable from birth there - but this is definitely NOT the advice here in the UK. But there's several baby wedges / wedged footmuffs which I have heard that people have used.

My nearly 4 year old has been in both Oyster Max seats and was fine.

forevergreek Mon 07-Jan-13 07:02:19

I think the iCandy seat should be ok from 4 months if you add some sheepskin / blankets to flattered it out more. This applies to any of the seats really as generally they all say from 6 months and include carrycot first

AmeliaEarhart Mon 07-Jan-13 02:01:28

Heck, there are some ugly pushchairs out there, aren't there? Thanks for all the suggestions though. I suspected I may have been asking for the buggy equivalent of the moon on a stick.

The iCandy is certainly the prettiest of the bunch, but the main seat is not suitable until 6 months. Baby will be about 4 months when we start using it, so too young to be comfortable (but too old to justify a carrycot).

The BJCS looks the next ybest option. A friend actually has one for her toddler twins - I've always thought it looked a hefty beast, but sturdy and well made (and since we're leaving the confines of London I guess I don't have to worry about being compact so much). Does the seat recline flat though?

I wish I'd never seen the Oyster Max now. It put the idea of the reclining, parent-facing seat into my head, and it looks good. Not sure ifthe second seat would fit my lanky boy anyway. What do you think Tiggywunkle?

Ihateparties, I guess the parent facing seat would be the first compromise I'd make. I'll still consider the P&T Navigator.

At least I have my trusty sling 'n' single combo to get us around until we can test some out in person.

forevergreek Sun 06-Jan-13 19:29:28

Not cheap but what about an iCandy peach.

Tiggywunkle Sun 06-Jan-13 00:25:25

Honestly, your choice is very limited.
I would suggest there's the Britax B-Dual but having the baby on top in the car seat is the best way of seeing them PF which isn't ideal.
The Smyths Dimples Duo would work, but I dont trust it enough quality wise to encourage you to take it out of the country with no warranty. Ditto the O'Baby Zoom which is notorious for parts breaking or not working.
The best option I can think of for quality is the Baby Jogger City Select - and at least they are US based if you have an issue. Or consider the Kolcraft Contours. Again the quality is questionable but at least if you buy it in the US you are covered by their warranty.

Ihateparties Sun 06-Jan-13 00:17:32

Ho bother. It's the baby parent facing lie flat seat bit. That's the unicorn. The only thing I know that you could just buy easily that does it is this.. which fits almost none of your other criteria, the lower seat is short for a tall toddler, it isn't maxi cosi compatible and it's a design disaster.


Thinking very hard. If it existed I think I would own it, but I don't SO which piece of criteria is going to give first???

AmeliaEarhart Sun 06-Jan-13 00:09:23

I've read so many threads and looked at so many options that my brain is overloaded! In my ignorant state I was going to settle for a Phil & Teds (coz that's what everyone in my corner of north London has), then I started doing some research and now I'm overwhelmed by the choice. Problem is that I get distracted by the pretty pictures and flashy youtube videos and I'm rubbish at actually extrapolating the practical information I need. So, I'm listing my basic requirements and begging some of you experts to tell me what I actually need.

1. I have 26 months old son and a 12 week old daughter. Son is average weight but very tall, daughter is average all over so far.

2. I want an in-line as opposed to side-by-side arrangement.

3. I would like to have the baby facing me if possible.

4. I'd rather not have to buy a carrycot as it will only be used for a few months. We have a maxi cosi car seat so something compatible with that would be an advantage; a fully reclining seat would be best.

5. The toddler still sleeps in the pushchair so a second seat that also reclines would be good.

6. It has to be be available in the USA or here in the UK right now as we're moving over there next month. This sadly rules out the Oyster Max sad

7. DH is a design snob so looking stylish would be a bonus. He and I are both tall and leggy, so an extendable handlebar is a must.

Does such a pushchair exist? Please guide me before my head melts. Thank you lovelies!

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