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Buggy/car combinations - what do you have?

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MrsMillions Sat 05-Jan-13 16:12:16

I'm 13 weeks pregnant with our first child, and at some point in the next 27 weeks we'll need to buy both a buggy(/travel system) and a second car. DH drives an A4 that will be our primary family car for weekend days out, visiting family etc, but I'll need something for day to day use that fits in our garage and can fit whichever buggy we buy in the boot. I don't mind if there isn't much space left after the buggy goes in, I figure I'll leave it at home when supermarket shopping for example as baby will be in the trolley, but I don't want to be faffing about removing wheels etc. Not started testing buggies yet but I am leaning towards a travel system type with carrycot.

It feels like it would be easier if we had a car already and were searching for a buggy that fits, or vice versa, but as neither is exactly going to be cheap I'm trying to research our options and not rule anything out.

So, which buggy do you have (have you had) and which car(s) do you drive? - as car specs change over time would be useful to know which year they were registered in too.


StateofConfusion Sun 06-Jan-13 23:08:18

Fiat multipla, bugaboo frog, britax baby safe shrII and base

I love all three. I have a multipla though as I have. 5yo, 4yo, and 18 day old.

Ihateparties Sun 06-Jan-13 23:45:00

MrsMillions have added a couple of pics to my profile of pushchairs in the boot. I only have a huge buggy (Babystyle Oyster Max tandem) and a really small narrow buggy (a random chinese import, oh yes, I can and will import things from china) to put in the car at the moment but in a way that's a good thing... most pushchairs are in between the two size wise. The Oyster Max takes up a lot of room folded, it's 59cm wide by 42cm high just for the frame, in general a frame would fold flatter than that IME. Hope that helps a bit.

mememummy Mon 07-Jan-13 00:31:29

I have a silver cross linear freeway in the boot of my 207 it also fits in a Clio and a 206. I'm my 107 I have had 2 maclarens a bjcm an oyster a silver cross 3d a Luna and an obaby tandem xi and a quinny buzz smile

MrsMillions Mon 07-Jan-13 08:04:55

Thanks for the pics ihateparties, will check them on the computer when I get home tonight.

MrsMillions Tue 08-Jan-13 20:28:13

Finally managed to see your photos, ihateparties - very helpful, thank-you.

CecyHall Tue 08-Jan-13 21:20:25

We have put a BJCM in a Hyundai i10, I can't remember if the wheels were popped off or not but I think they weren't, also the Loola (the Loola also went in the boot of an old style Kia Picanto).

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