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Do I need a double buggy?

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RosemaryandThyme Thu 10-Jan-13 18:40:36

Sorry am in Hampshire - offers still there though - am sure it will be in the garage for a good while longer !

pebbles1234 Tue 08-Jan-13 21:34:10

Thanks I hate parties - will look into it, love the peach!! Onto my 3rd handle though as the foam keeps splitting!

Ihateparties Tue 08-Jan-13 20:22:46

Pebbles as you currently have a peach then you can certainly convert using the original blossom kit, given your elder child will be 3 it could work for you even if you have situations where you do need a double it probably won't be for that long so you are less likely to hit the point where the smaller and not upright rear seat starts to become a problem. Only issue is it's not terribly cheap... smile

pebbles1234 Tue 08-Jan-13 20:00:39

That's such a kind offer! Thanks and if you're in the midlands by any chance might well take you up on it!

Dh arrived in from work and his view is that toddler should just walk... It's not him who will have to manage them both!

RosemaryandThyme Tue 08-Jan-13 18:18:33

I have a nipper 360 double buggy in navy blue with raincover in the garage, your welcome to it if you can collect - have been meaning to ebay it for over a year.

Is very suitable from birth - I had a newborn in it and a child of 22 months, lasts very well, by the time older child was four though he was too big for it, it is a side-by-side one but is narrow enough to fit through most single doorways, I'd recommend it. It has some feature for jogging and hence good suspension - though I confess to never having jogged !!

pebbles1234 Tue 08-Jan-13 18:12:21

Currently struggling with this dilemma too, my ds will be just 3 when new baby arrives and feel like I should just make him walk, but would like a back up option for those times where there is a long day involved...

But could well prove expensive! Bought the original eye candy peach with the intention of converting it to a twin in due course but it's taken a lot longer than we planned and the models have moved on, so not sure I'll be able to get the kit etc for original peach.

lljkk Sun 06-Jan-13 17:32:57

You will never get to raise your children precisely the same, with the same "advantages".

Ihateparties Sun 06-Jan-13 17:22:26

It's still not a bad idea to do your research in advance though, even if you find you don't need one. You would waste more money on the wrong thing than on something that works for you. There are lead times on certain things also, this time last year i couldn't get my hands on a peach blossom 2 and even now they're not a walk into a shop and walk out with one. There are no such issues with nippers, bjcmds and donkeys though :-)
The right sling for you isn't always a straightforward choice either if you're going to spend a lot of time wearing it...

ChippingInLovesChristmasLights Sun 06-Jan-13 17:08:07

Personally I don't think you need to rush into buying it - it's not like there's a 3 month lead time. Get a sling and see how you go smile

Ihateparties Sun 06-Jan-13 17:00:22

I have to say with dcs 1 and 2 i found a double a lot less of a necessity, only one child on foot to concentrate on. Once there were two on foot it got all that much harder and they know very well that they outnumber me.. :- l

JimbosJetSet Sun 06-Jan-13 16:32:06

2beornot - I have a 25 month age gap between my two and no double buggy, just a single and a sling. It works well for me, but we don't do a huge amount of walking. I also used the sling with my first until she was 18 months or so, and I intend to do the same this time around - so that also influenced my decision not to get a double.

Tiggywunkle Sun 06-Jan-13 16:26:10

Both the Baby Joggers and Nipper are good to use. The narrow Nipper V2 would resolve the headache of the older V1 and V2 being wider than a standard doorway. The V2 Nipper reclines are much better but the harnesses are big.

elm79 Sun 06-Jan-13 09:19:14

Thanks everyone, lots to think about. Will check out Oyster Max, sounds interesting!
Has any one got a double city jogger or out and about? How do you find them?

Tiggywunkle Sun 06-Jan-13 00:04:00

The Oyster Max is fab!! ihateparties and I met up with a couple of MNers today with the Oyster Max to have a good play. We had a good time!

Rhubarb78 Sat 05-Jan-13 21:37:00

When are you due? the babystyle oyster max is due to be in the shops around feb. it looks fab (i think) i really want one for my 10 mo and his little brother or sister due in july. think you can use a carrycot with it and would be about half the price of the bugaboo donkey

Tiggywunkle Sat 05-Jan-13 00:48:45

Ok. First of all forget your ideals and focus on what is most important. It may be something practical like width, fold size or that it takes a car seat. After that, then order what else you would like behind it. There is no double that is perfect....believe me I have tried to find it. Some come close, but yes they usually cost a good chunk of money. If you dont have the money to throw at a double pushchair (bearing in mind that the more expensive pushchairs generally recoup more on resale later), then again you will have to compromise further.

Go and have a wander around Best Buggy and look behind the green "reviews and information" button to find photos of real life children in the seats. They should give you a good idea of what a 2-4 year old could realistically sit in. One issue you have is that your son likes to nap still. It could be harder to find a tandem that allows him to nap as well as your baby lying flat. A side by side may well be the best option for you.

Have a think about what is most important to you, and we may be able to help you further.

I looked after children for years and rarely had a double pushchair, but the set of circumstances - not least a busy main road and shopping to do - meant that we ended up with a series of double pushchairs. Treat a double pushchair as a rental - buy wisely and you wont lose much money for the advantage of having one for several months when you need it most.

Ihateparties Fri 04-Jan-13 23:40:42

Conversely i find it difficult to chase and leap after the bigger ones with the baby on me :-/

I do do it but find it kinda frustrating..clearly have not trained them well... walking distance/tiredness/walking 'ability' has never been the issue for us. Needless to say child propelled wheeled vehicles have never particularly aided the situation :- D

melrose Fri 04-Jan-13 23:33:40

I did not use a buggy with ds1 or ds2 beyond 3, and do a lot of walking. Ds1 was just 3 when ds2 born and went everywhere on his scooter or the buggy board.

Personally I wouldn't splash out on a double as you are only likely to use it or 6 months. Perhaps look for one second hand for occasional use? Buggy board is useful too and get your des walking and scooting lots in preparation.

When dd was born used a carrier lots too, just seemed easier as hands free for 2 ds

Ihateparties Fri 04-Jan-13 23:25:27

I think if you want to keep those specific features because your first child had them then you will be limiting yourself to a fairly short and expensive list through choice. If your eldest will still need to sleep while you are out a double will be easier although slinging the baby is possible but only if you have a lie flat seat and not a carrycot. Some people swear by this method, personally i find it quite hard work, especially in 'weather' and child on foot generally needs the pushchair due to attempted escapes as oppose to nice happy to climb in, relaxed napping. Plus i walk everywhere on busy streets, if i was village or suburb based then toddler would walk more if not all the time, here it's not safe. These are my reasons for having one, however what i do is irrelevant to you essentially..
Generally speaking the best starting point is asking yourself the most simple questions, what will you be doing day to day and how will you accomplish those tasks with or without a double. Stuff like that. Whether people advise you it's a vital thing to have or an extravagance the only thing that really matters is how your life works and whether you want/need one in your set of circumstances or not. :-)

2beornot Fri 04-Jan-13 22:23:14

I've been wondering this too (not of yet just planning!) but I thought I might get away with a sling for the odd time the older one wants a rest? Has anyone tried that?

Meglet Fri 04-Jan-13 22:17:57

IME yes. I had a 22 month age gap but used the double Phil & Teds until DS was 4.6 and DD was 2.7. The P&T is fine from birth, I sold mine second hand for £140 on e-bay when I finished with it if you want an idea of what they go for.

Doubles are sanity-savers when you're in a rush, it's pouring down or freezing cold, one or both children are having meltdowns or ill, or the toddler is dawdling.

elm79 Fri 04-Jan-13 22:11:54

Help! I'm expecting baby no. 2, when born my son will be 2.5. We bought a travel system for him which i still use now and have been really happy with. I've started to research double buggies but have found that apart from the Bugabo Donkey Duo (£1200+!!!) none are suitable from birth and most don't suggest use past 24/36 months. I want my new baby to have all the advantages my son had, carry cot, parent facing, car seat attacment etc etc but also need something for my son to sleep in if we're out all day or he gets tired walking - any suggestions?????? It's a minefield!
Thank you.

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