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Which buggy am I looking for?

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Anathu Fri 04-Jan-13 20:34:46

My kids are 3,5 and 2 years old. We currently have a Britax B-Dual for longer trips where it's more likely that the eldest will want to sleep in it and a small 3-wheeler (Avanti) for shorter trips.

The 3-wheeler is actually very convenient for us, since it fits practically everywhere and if the eldest is tired, he sits behind the younger one on a fully reclined seat or on top of the mug holder-thing on the handle bar. This works fine since he is very petite. Unfortunately the single buggy is counting it's last days and will have to be replaced soon (preferably second hand).

My criteria are:

1. 4 wheels, the one we have now is far to wobbly and has fallen over a few times.

2. Robust, but still light weight. I would like to be able to carry it up and down stairs by myself, but I'd still want it to be robust enough to endure rough treatment from the kids (for example when they sit in it together or climbing in it). Also, it would be awesome if it would endure flights, but not a must.

3. I'd like to fit some shopping and packing in the basket.

4. One handle bar, to be able to push it with only one hand

5. Small, to fit everywhere in London

6. Full recline

7. Ability to attach a buggy board

I hope someone out there is able to help me in the right direction!

Ihateparties Fri 04-Jan-13 20:47:15

i think you would do well with a baby jogger city mini 4, robust enough for two kids to climb on is kind of a problem when combined with lightweight and small etc. I don't recognise the one you have, can it be replaced with another if that works for you? <loves that you linked it>

Anathu Fri 04-Jan-13 21:24:07

I think the 3-wheeler is Swedish or something. I haven't seen it anywhere else. It has everything I want, except 4 wheels! grin And I'd love it if it would be more robust (I know, it kind of speaks agains light weight, but I can dream can't I wink?)

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