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Double buggy for 2yo + newborn

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Tiggywunkle Mon 31-Dec-12 00:37:57

Dizzy, with those dimensions, most double pushchairs will fit smile
If you are looking at second hand, then I would probably try to buy either one cheap pushchair to see you through the mainly two children in seats stage and then swap as your eldest becomes less dependent to something else. Or consider buying two pushchairs - one for off roading and one for around town. It may seem madness but trying to find a decent tandem that goes off road is hard.
The Dot is tiny especially for the lower child. I absolutely adore my +One but its really difficult for a younger baby. My youngest was around 15 months when we started to use it and it was perfect then. Before that we would have struggled. But its a great pushchair to consider 12-15 months down the line.
I agree with the TFK Joggster Twist suggestion though - its probably the best off roader for two but watch because there are no wheel guards on the wheels. It didn't stay long with us because my youngest couldn't keep his hands off the wheels hmm
I think I would suggest you also keep an eye open for say a TFK Twinner Twist Duo, Easywalker Duo or a new Narrow Nipper (except the harnesses are huge). The Donkey is fab but you need a lot of storage space for it.

dizzy77 Sun 30-Dec-12 21:41:40

Hmm thanks betty (great name) I hadn't thought to measure my doorway and hall: 77cm and 93cm respectively so useful dimensions to be armed with. I did have a bee for a while which I never folded (second hand and slightly broken but it also didn't seem to get that much smaller) but I did enjoy its manoeuvrability, and my friends with chameleons have had the fewest complaints about their prams. I'm not sure about the donkey's AT capabilities and as you say they do hold their value rather too well, looks like they're just coming onto the second hand market now.

BettyandDon Sun 30-Dec-12 21:30:04

We have the bugaboo donkey which my parents bought us. I have a 2.4 yr old and a newborn.

It is amazing IMHO. Very comfy for toddler and perfect to have carrycot for newborn (which I use as Moses basket too).

I am amazed how flexible it is. The space for the second seat/cot shrinks widthways. With seat + basket or cot + basket it fits in our door and hallway which measures 74cm door and hall 1m x1.2m. I couldn't fit a p&ted in this space. With 2 seats, i remove the cot and carry it in ( it's my Moses basket anyway...). We store the seat on hooks on hall and fold chassis up - takes less space than bugaboo bee which I used to have. It is very easy to fold up and dismantle - takes seconds.

It's great having the option of a 1 seater if you have a toddler that's a good walker. I use mine with 2 seats for long journeys or next to very busy roads etc.

I'm hoping to get back most of the cost when I sell it if I keep it in good nick.

Katsand Sun 30-Dec-12 20:54:42

Cont...Really dislike. It's too narrow and my 15 month old is not wide but she struggles to fit. I dont drive so my main consern is comfort for the children and movability. I have had my eye on the b dual but am concerned that the seats are uncomfortable. I like the idea of the zoom but someone said it is loooooong. I saw a duellette and it looks really nice but then I saw some pics with children in and they seemed to struggle to fit. I have also thought about the graco Quattro etc but am worried its too cheap and low quality. I've seen the twone and it looks really good. What are the seats like??? Big enough for toddler to fit in??? Lord I'm so confused there are so many choices. Would appreciate any advice :-)

Katsand Sun 30-Dec-12 20:44:35

I have a 16 month old girl and a 3 months old boy and am now trying to choose the perfect pram that will last me during the changes but I realising that this is a tricky one. I got a maclaren twin triumph that I really fisl

Ihateparties Sun 30-Dec-12 20:38:35

If you think you will be using AT features regularly then it will be worth finding one I think. Being that I am also curious I will see if I can get the LOs up to a shop this week and try them in the dot for photos and to see how it looks, they're both taller side for girls but not massive so probably about average lengthwise for boys. I know the toddler seat on the Dot is small but in my mind it depends on your useage, whether you would really must use the hood etc. Stuff like that doesn't bother me but it really does others.
Tiggy had a sneaky trick for the +one that I've forgotten the exact details of, but a possible cheaty way of getting it beyond the lie flat stage with the baby in the rear seat, check out here for details plus loads of other pics and info.
I have a Twone, the seats are very close but the push is great for bumpy urban. If I was going on grass, fields, paths etc. I would definitely get something more robust.

dizzy77 Sun 30-Dec-12 13:54:18

Thanks ihateparties: you have the same gap I do so this is v helpful. Good tip re try w DS in the shop as he's not a huge toddler (husband's short legs grin) but he'll only get bigger. I remember that awkward transition between newborn/not ready to sit as DS grew out of his carrycot at about 10wks leading to pram #2 as he wasn't ready to sit in the main pushchair part of the travel system. Most of our walking will be quite urban so other recommendations worth a look: just keen to have the adaptability especially across parks, fields, trails etc as keen to keep out-and-about for DS to run about.

Ihateparties Sun 30-Dec-12 13:44:38

i would try your elder one in a dot in all the configurations as it's pretty tight but i love small so the smallness also appeals, it would be a sensible single if you're planning to keep what you get as that. Tiggy on here loves her +one but it's tricky for the stage when the baby is out of the cocoon/lie flat set up but not ready to sit upright for long period of time. I keep considering one but with a 10m old and 2y 10m old i can't quite see in what configuration i would use it, especially as elder one is a fiddler so would happily bother her sister from behind if she was in the front reclined for sleeping. :-/
A tfk joggster twist with buddy seat and multi x carrycot may come close to what you're looking for but hard to come by second hand. Also at a peach blossom 2, oyster max and jane twone, not quite so terrain but still good for urban type walking.

dizzy77 Sun 30-Dec-12 12:32:05

Sigh. It will be that time again in June and I'm looking for the second hand market as this will be pram no 5 (baby will be dc2). Walking kept me sane when DS was small so I've got my eye on the multi-terrain tandem type: current models I like the look of include P&T Dot and Mountain Buggy +one. That said, 3 wheelness isn't top priority but with a narrow hallway I'd rather tandem and have the option of convertibility and/or buggy board when DS is a more reliable (read less easily tired) walker.

Am I asking too much? Ideas welcome!

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