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Which Bugaboo (or other from my list)?

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butteroneverything Sat 29-Dec-12 19:33:27

I'm 31 weeks pregnant with first baby and feel like choosing a pushchair is going to push me over the edge confused Advance warning and apologies for the long post...

After lots of research on Which? and here (thanks) I thought I had a shortlist:
Bugaboo Bee
Icandy Cherry
Uppababy Cruz
Babyjogger versa
We live in a city in a smallish house. I'm finding it hard to envisage exactly what I'll be doing post-baby, but I'm thinking lots of walking (on pavements and in parks), a few buses/trains trips per week, and a few car journeys per week (Golf).

So, I haven't managed to find a BJVersa to look at but today we spent quite a lot of time looking at the other three (my third visit to a buggy shop - argh!), and I feel like I'm back to square one. I didn't like the Cherry or Cruz and was leaning towards the Bee. But DH feels that the Cameleon is actually a better option, and I kind of know what he means. His arguments are that the Bee feels 'rickety' in comparison, isn't that much smaller and that we wouldn't actually fold it up very much given our lifestyle. Our two closest friends with babies love their Cams which might be influencing us.

Can people help me make my mind up?
About the Bee: Does it feel rickety? How does it cope in parks? Are the wheels still dodgy? Does a newborn feel snug enough in the cocoon?
About the Cam: Does it take up the whole of a Golf boot? Does it fit on a bus ok?
Any other thoughts about either one (or any of the others, but please don't throw another suggestion into the mix, I think I might cry!)

RandomMess Sat 29-Dec-12 19:35:28

The Bee is much more compact and much better for public transport.

Skiffen Sat 29-Dec-12 19:38:09

I don't have any of these but know 2 people with the cam & golfs and they all seem happy. Also know friends who had the cherry & loved it, used it for 2 dcs and sold it on wth plenty of life left.

You may find it easier to choose once youve had the baby. Ss long as you have a car seat & a sling you'll be fine for a few weeks.

ShhhhhGoBackToSleep Sat 29-Dec-12 19:48:39

I have a bee, it is fantastic for transport and is tiny folded up compared to the cam. It is also a lot lighter. Baby feels very cosy in the cocoon, and my tall three year old can still use it as well.

It doesn't handle rough terrain brilliantly and the cam does feel a lot more solid, but I much prefer the bee. If I won the lottery I would have both!

CandyCrush Sat 29-Dec-12 19:51:45

Personally I would go with the Bee. Not perfect but about as close as you will get for city life.

It's also a lot more likely to stand the test of time. Most people I know (including me) who have bought a larger pushchair have switched to a stroller at 1year+ the bee could do you for years...

priscilla101 Sat 29-Dec-12 20:00:13

Difficult to know how you will use your pushchair until bubba arrives, but I have just been through the pain of pushchair research and plumped for the uppababy vista, although the crux was very very high on my shortlist!

I considered the bee but was put off by the wheel fault and also how low the ride was for the baby.

The I candy was too popular and blingy for my personal taste, but excellent pushchair.

The baby jogger just didn't do it for me, when I compared it side by side with the vista.

The uppababy vista is quite good value for money as it is a full travel system. It was really important for me that there was a proper pram attachment to my travel system.

Does that help? Have you stopped parents in the street pushing the pushchairs you are interested in to see what they think about it? I am on dc2 and his is the 4th PC I have bought, so I do know how tough it is to get it right. Fwiw when they are toddlers you can't beat an umbrella fold stroller!

Ihateparties Sat 29-Dec-12 20:16:57

I have a friend who has cam and bee (one from each side of the family! Dunno what happened there) she says she could have done with just the Bee really but as far as I can see has used both fairly equally. I had a Gecko that I loved for walking, pita to fold but I never did it so wasn't an issue. In all the years they have been out I have been tempted but never actually got a bee, I think it's a bit flimsy for the pavements and cobbles where I live but I love the size and were it smoother and easier terrain round here I would almost certainly have one. They're all pretty good essentially it just depends what you want to use it for most.

Also loving the Versa though, absolutely loving it. I think I would go for that over even a bugaboo. The only downside is that it is fairly large, Cam sized I suppose and the fold is quite long. It would fit easily in a golf as it's a very flat fold. If you're leaning towards the Versa at all have a look here for photos and info.

butteroneverything Sat 29-Dec-12 20:36:09

Thanks ladies, that's so helpful.

You're reminding me about why I fancied the Bee in the first place - easy fold, last through until toddler-hood etc (does it count as 'umbrella fold'?) Good to know Shhh that your baby feels snug. But also worried as Priscilla says about the low-ness of it (by the way, I shared your feelings about the Icandies!). The Vista I vetoed because of how wide the wheels are - I had a push of a friend's and it felt bigger than a Cam. I have been stopping people in the street and asking friends of friends but it seems everyone loves what they've chosen so to be honest, I haven't found it that helpful. Interesting about the Versa Ihateparties - any idea why I can't find it in shops easily? John Lewis said it had been recalled - is that right? - and the place today didn't stock Babyjoggers.

I'm learning towards the Bee again but might try and find a BJVersa to play with...

tiredteddy Sat 29-Dec-12 20:55:25

I'm about to get delivery of a bee next Friday. This will be dc3. I had a mutsy 4rider for previous dc and then at about 1 year plus did what other posters did in downsizing to a stroller (or several!) I'm hoping the bee will last this dc and be small, easy to fold (I got very tired of a two piece fold) light, good in the small town I live in and not rake up too much space when baby us napping at home. I have the cocoon already and it looks very cosy and weather proof. It ticks all the boxes for me anyway. It was also one of the most seen buggies at the festival we went to thus summer (camp bestival) and seemed to be a breeze to push across grassy fields up and down hills where other three wheelers/big prams looked heavy and hard work.

chocolatecheesecake Sat 29-Dec-12 21:03:23

Icandy cherry was great when we lived in London and lasted through to toddlerhood. However as it folds in two pieces and has to be stacked in a golf boot it is a pain if you've got lots of shopping as you have to juggle the two parts and the shopping to fit it all in. The same goes for the chameleon though - worse as it is more of a pain to fold. I would go for the bee or have a look at the Icandy strawberry which folds with the seat still on.

blondietinsellyminx Sat 29-Dec-12 21:17:23

Or look at the ICandy Apple (which seems to hold resale value really well) - much less blingy than the cherry! and my nearly 3yo DD is still comfy in it!

Ihateparties Sat 29-Dec-12 21:34:34

The versa was recalled, they are back in stores now smile

Dencar Sat 29-Dec-12 21:41:29

I'm with PRISCILLA, on her recommendation.
The Uppababy Vista is fabulous. It has so many positives that far outweigh anything that bugaboo have on offer.

One of the major flaws with bugaboo prams (bee excluded) is that you can not fold it all in one. Even when you move to the seat mode from carrycot at approx four months, it still must be taken apart, "chair/seat" from base when you need to put it away/transport it. This is my biggest bugbear with it.

There are numerous other negs I can list, but I'm sure you know all the cons already without me listing them.

I've worked with so many families and their newborn babies that Uppababy Vista and ICandy Strawberry are the only two prams/pushchairs I recommend IF a family ask for suggestions/recommendations.
Prior to these two, I only ever suggested Bebe Confort prams.

The Vista is a couple of inches wider, but if doorways are not an issue, then it is the way to go.

Good luck with your decision making

Tiggywunkle Sun 30-Dec-12 00:48:46

I have got a Bee, Versa and Cruz and have had the Cherry (and have the Peach and Strawberry)...(and have had the Cam and loads more pushchairs).

Let me start with the Bee - I have a love hate relationship with it. I love the fold on it (but it is two hands which isn't the best for folding to get on a bus), and I love the neatness if you drop the handle. Its unfussy too in toddler mode. But I hate the faff of it all eg turning the seat, lining the seat up to fold, two hands to pull the handle up each time after folding, the basket at the front and MOST of all the ricketyness of it all, and the way the seat flaps when folded and the wheels come off the ground when cornering and how the footmuff gets in the way PF of folding / unfolding. This latter has annoyed me so much that I have pronounced it a summer pushchair and its gone back in its box which is a shame as I had a lovely new Bugaboo footmuff sad I agree with your OH that it takes up as much room as the Cam does - it fills my car boot up whereas I can get the Cam pretty flat.

The Cruz - there is zero suspension on it - whatever the blurb says - its rock solid. It hurts my hands. Its such a shame because I love so much else about it. Huge seat, huge basket, big hood, great seat etc. I keep getting it out, taking it out, hating it again, and reboxing it!! Mad I know but I want to like it and I simply can't.

Cherry - I loved the Cherry - its a 2 piece fold but easy to carry one handed with baby in the other. Light, neat, easy to fold, a pleasure to use, good seat, decent basket. I really like it.

Versa - I dont think you will get a better pushchair than the Versa right is truly excellent. Absolutely amazing amount of features and functionality in one pushchair that folds with the seat on in either direction. I honestly think there are only a few other pushchairs that come close - and most of those are more expensive by a fair way.

I would personally choose one of those last two. I am going to throw the Stokke Scoot into your list though because I haven't had mine long, but I am pretty sure its going to be finally sending my Bee on its way to Ebay.......I need a bit more time with it, but its small folded, roomy seat, easy to use, big basket etc etc and isn't as rickety although I am not convinced about the wheels as yet but its early days. But I think its probably going to become more common around city streets.

Tiggywunkle Sun 30-Dec-12 00:52:37

Blondie...are you thinking of the Peach rather than the Cherry. The Cherry is probably the least "blingy" of the iCandy bunch! Its pretty subtle! The Apple has more shiny bits to it!!

The Versa was recalled but is definitely back in shops now.

The Vista (and Cruz) both have large folds.

As for swapping to an umbrella fold!! NO!!! If you find the right pushchair, it should last you from birth to three and you will never want to swap for an umbrella fold!!!

butteroneverything Sun 30-Dec-12 21:26:25

Thank you! I'll try and find a BJVersa and a Stokke Scoot (not even considered that) to have a play with. Wish me luck!

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