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First time pram buyers... help needed

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Nanny01 Fri 28-Dec-12 21:22:11

I would agree with the others over the baby jogger city mini. I would say you will need one of those carrycots they sell for a newborn for several reasons.
1 for support ( seat big and not overly padded)
2 parent facing is so much nicer for both of you but especially for the baby.
You can buy the car seat for it now to.

The other one to through into the mix is Cossatos Giggle. Comes with everything you can need including the carrycot, coseytoes, rain over, changing bag and a seat that will parent face or forward face for just over £300. Cossato also sell their car seat for it to.

Bought this after a rather disasterouse purchase of the uppa baby which was just to big for constant car use ( perfect for strolling up to shops or around the muddy park) yes even a mother of 5 can make mistakes. I have a baby jogger waiting in the loft for ds when he is a toddler as it isn't as nice as the ones produced last couple of years.

Smiths Fri 28-Dec-12 20:06:44

Thanks everyone, We'll have a look at the baby joggers definitely and try out lots! I've started to pram spot everywhere we go, the options are endless I suppose. I hope we can find the right one!!

freezingmytitsoff Fri 28-Dec-12 19:15:49

I have a baby jogger city mini and it really is the best pushchaire ive ever had, out of about 12! very well made and easy to push. i wouldn't focus to much on needing the carseat to fit on the pushchaire as you will need that feature for a very short time.

TeaandHobnobs Fri 28-Dec-12 19:10:55

Baby joggers are extremely easy to fold - we have a city mini (which fits in the boot of a 3-door Renault Clio, and in my friend's Ford Ka, so you would have no problem with your cars), but if you are keen on using it when walking you might consider the GT version. 4 wheel version preferable to 3 wheel I think, for extra stability.

There's also the Versa which is the new baby jogger with a parent-facing option at pushchair stage.

You can get adapters for a car seat and a carrycot, so you can have the functionality of a travel system if you wish - we used the carrycot for 6 months as DS was prem and had to lie flat, but had the option of sticking the car seat on the chassis to whizz round the supermarket so as not to disturb him. He's now in the pushchair which reclines to about 150 degrees for snooze time smile

Sorry I don't have any info on the two you asked for blush but baby joggers really are very versatile and at the cheaper end of the scale compared to bugaboos and icandys, etc.

priscilla101 Fri 28-Dec-12 19:07:50

I used 'which?' To help me decide. It is really difficult to know how you will use the pushchair. I had dc1 7 years ago and wasn't happy with the pushchair we had until I bought a Maclaren techno xt when he was 1. It was the 3rd pc I had bought! This time I did my research. I went for the Uppababy vista and properly love it.

Try them all! Stop parents in the street with pushchairs that you like and ask them about it. Look at reviews.

God luck OP!

Elkieb Fri 28-Dec-12 18:53:51

I think it's important to look at how you intend on using your pram. No one should use a car seat for longer than 90 minutes at a time including travel time. Newborns should lie flat as it's better for their backs. My sister has a city mini which she loves and is a dream to fold but wouldn't fit into a small car easily unless you take the wheels off!
I have a second hand bugaboo frog which is amazing but is a pain to fold down. I have never used the pram in travel system mode. Do you have a kiddicare near you? They have loads to try out.

I would make sure you can carry it easily and that it is light even with a stone of baby in it. I had a loola up which my MIL bought for me but I can't get it up kerbs now my DS is a year old, hence the bugaboo.

Second hand can save you a fortune- the bugaboo would have been £900ish but instead was £150. I wouldn't look at eBay but rather gumtree etc as you can look at the condition. You can then spend the money on decent car seats- we have one each because changing them over in the rain was horrible, especially with a crying baby. There's plenty of time still smile

milkybrew Fri 28-Dec-12 18:44:06

Have a look at the baby jogger range, like the b-agile they feature a one hand fold. I have a city elite which has bigger wheels for off road walking. The city mini is also very well received and is quite similar to the b-agile.

Smiths Fri 28-Dec-12 17:52:19

We are expecting our first baby in April and have begun the long process of searching for a pram/buggy/travel system! we looked at the My4 in mothercare but we are a bit concerned it might be fiddly to collapse and take up too much room in the boot?! We have a Ford focus and a yaris. We thought the britax b-agile 3 was much quicker and easier to collapse! A one handed pull fold collapsing system,surely a winning feature right?? Does anyone have any advice on either of these 2 products? Or perhaps someone has an amazing recommendation for us? Any advice will be greatly appreciated! I suppose our main priorities are space and the bigger wheels as we are thinking we will be doing lots of walking...

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