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using icandy apple carrycot with pear carrycot

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Milbak Wed 19-Dec-12 19:24:24

hay my cuz has this pram and you can by the blue tag carrycot separatly. Its the upper carrycot fabric that goes onto the pear seat frames. my cuz loves her pram and thinks its the beez kneez lol. hope you love it like her x

Tiggywunkle Sat 15-Dec-12 00:56:34

You have to buy the blue tag carrycot.

StateofConfusion Fri 14-Dec-12 12:43:59

I had the pear for my (close age gap) dcs, so only had the yellow carrycot, from what I've seen you couldn't fit the apple cot on as the pip frame reduces the width of the frame and the apple cots quite wide, does this make sense, also its very deep and long so may squash and restrict access to the lower cot.

Its a fantastic system btw, I loved mine!

KirstyR101 Fri 14-Dec-12 07:28:13

I am expecting twins in January and a friend has offered me their icandy pear, which only comes with one yellow tag carrycot. Does anyone know if you have to buy the blue tag carry cot too or whether you can use the carrycot from the candy apple along with the yellow tag?

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