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I need a double buggy by next week and keep going round in circles - please help a double buggy virgin!

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swanlady2000 Thu 13-Dec-12 22:13:44


I am a foster carer and have had a phone call today to take 2 children aged 7wks and 2 years so I am desperate for a buggy no later then middle of next week. I have never needed a double buggy before, so I am a bit of a virgin. I have looked at loads tonight and still don't know what I need, so I am hoping someone will help me make up my mind.

My needs are:

1. It needs to be lightweight enough to lug in and out of the car - I am only little and know I will struggle with monster weight. I have a peoples carrier so think most will actually fit, so size isnt a problem.

2. Ideally I would like one that you can fit a single carrycot on as I prefer little ones in a proper pram top especially in winter.

3. I would like the older one to be able to see everything around him, the child I am taking has had a lack of stimulation as a baby and is delayed developmentally so I need to be able to point out trees, building etc as we walk to encourage development. Therefore the tandam ones where they can see very little at the back are a no no (although would have a tandam is they can see!)

4. The buggy will need to get through shop doorways (and ideally my door as well)

5. It needs to a dream to push and not heavy and handle kerbs well as I will walk a lot when they weather is nice. my fav single buggy was actually a cheap argos ora, for the simple reason it pushed like a dream!

My budget is around £400 plus I have extra for carrycot, raincovers etc although this can be stretched a bit if it ticks all the boxes

Does the buggy I want exist? Thanks everyone.

Ihateparties Sat 15-Dec-12 23:06:04

Yeah it definitely does, the nipper footmuffs have that pointed hoody but going on or am I remembering wrong? In terms of footmuffs I have a concord hug in black which is really cosy, with a nice surrounded head bit and quite stiff fabric so it wouldn't flop onto the baby. Did have to make extra holes for the harness though, it only had holes for a 3 point one. A black bee cocoon would be nice. The Maxi Cosi baby nest/quinny mood ones look nice but never seen one IRL. There are also soft carrycots by Chicco, Teutonia, britax etc. I'm not sure whether something with a more solid base would work or if you will be better off with basically an enclosed footmuff like the bee cocoon etc.

seenbetterdays Sat 15-Dec-12 22:58:55

You have absolutely made the right choice. I had a double nipper for the children I look after, it's the best for easy pushing and is very lightweight for putting into the car. I had two very large toddlers ,weighing two stone each, and could still push it anywhere easily. The new narrow version makes it even better.

KateShmate Sat 15-Dec-12 22:54:28

The Nipper foot muff looks really nice, and they do a newborn support that you could put inside?

I think the P&T cocoon fits in too, which is a nice one. That comes in grey/black, I'm sure it does.

swanlady2000 Sat 15-Dec-12 22:33:21

Thanks once again for all your help. I have managed to order one of the slimmer models and the shopping basket for just over £300 which I think is a great price. I am now just have to do some research as to what cocoon is best and fits well in the buggy. I have ordered the charcoal nipper and I already have a black bundlebean for the older one but being a sucker for co-ordination it would need to be black/grey colour cocoon. so any suggestions are again welcome.

Tiggywunkle Sat 15-Dec-12 00:43:41

I was about to say, make sure you get a new narrow 72cms Nipper rather than the other V2 one.

ChunkyTurkeywiththetrimmings Fri 14-Dec-12 23:43:27

Agree with your thoughts ihateparties - the brake looks a bit flimsy & the toddler seat is small (my DD is on the 50th centile so not huge) and she doesn't have much room. As long as my bags were at the front, it took the curb ok.

Ihateparties Fri 14-Dec-12 18:56:35

I loved my dimples duo, I still miss it - the combo of the lie flat seat and loads of view for the toddler. My only complaints were the lower seat is a bit short, some toddlers will outgrow it height wise and the build quality is... I dunno... questionable? ChunkyTurkey how do you find it up kerbs?

swanlady make sure when you order that you're getting the newest 72cm wide one, there may still be some of the old ones knocking about and they are wider than a standard door. Sounds like a good decision for what you need, I'm sure you will be able to find a nice cocoon. The bugaboo one is good, there are others too. grin

ChunkyTurkeywiththetrimmings Fri 14-Dec-12 16:14:12

I'm glad you have seen one in the flesh - it is difficult!!

Just wanted to add I used my Smyths dimples duo for the first time today & love it. DD is 2.8yo & DS is 5wo. I'm only 5'2 so not huge, but found it so easy to push. I'm not intending to use it all the time or for long, but I can see that a more expensive one might be more durable for your purpose. However, I'm.impressed so far, with the versatility, price tag & speedy delivery.

swanlady2000 Fri 14-Dec-12 14:46:27

Have been to toddlers today with a little one I used to look after and had a little play with a nipper double and its perfect in everywhere except the carrycot bit, a couple of the mums also have had one and they all seem to love it. so think I will drop the need for a carrycot and get a snuggle cocoon insert of some kind and buy this. At least I feel a bit better for having a "play" with one instead of just ordering and regretting at a later date.

Thanks for all your help and I've learnt the double buggy market is a minefield - and the perfect one still hasn't been invented!

Pooka Fri 14-Dec-12 07:52:15

The nipper out and about double is an absolute dream to push and well within the budget. But... Lie flat for newborn, not carrycot.

We have the single. But loads of parents with the double and similar age gaps at the school run.

But again - carrycot only on the single I thnk.

HenriettaTurkey Fri 14-Dec-12 07:42:04

Yes, bella - the hinge where you put it up. Because of the weight of it, it swung open and I sliced my finger badly, through the middle of the nail. This was October and am still having physio etc. It should mainly recover. If you have one then google it, as they should be able to send you a clip to cover it. Apparently the clips are a bit annoying but better than nothing. I just keep thinking it could've been DS.

Moominsarescary Fri 14-Dec-12 00:39:44

Ah probably too expensive.

I have a b duel, you can get a soft carrycot for the bottom seat so the toddler can sit in the front and look around. I found it quite light compared to some of them.

Moominsarescary Fri 14-Dec-12 00:35:12

Or the jane twone

KateShmate Fri 14-Dec-12 00:31:27

After that post OP, I do think the Powertwin is your answer.
It is light, ridiculously easy to steer. The carrycot faces you and is at a really nice height for you to see the baby.
Yes front seat is forward facing, but with my DC I've always found that they prefer to be out looking at the world anyway.

I was in the exact same position as today ; I had 14 months between my eldest 2 and probably had over 20 double buggies.
I can totally agree that heaviness is a serious factor to consider, especially as they get older.
I first had the iCandy pear - loved it at first then realised how awfully heavy it was. Went through so many doubles - I really would avoid a side-by-side if you can. You say that you go out lots - are the pavements wide enough to accommodate a double? I found myself having to walk on the road all the time, and even walking around my small town just seemed such an effort when pushing a huge side-by-side.

I can't really comment much about the mountain buggy as we had the triple version later on, which is obviously a lot heavier than the double. It did steer nicely, but it was just such a beast! I am, of course, taking into account that we had an extra seat, but even so.

Did you have a look at the baby jogger city select link? One mode looked perfect for you as had toddler seat high up so 2YO can look around. Carrycot wasn't rear facing, but then they aren't going to be in there for long.

KateShmate Fri 14-Dec-12 00:16:51

Like Whatistoday our Powertwin has seated a nearly 4YO (with long legs) in the front seat and we've had no issues. I also can't see how the 'wheel issue' would be a problem as there is a footrest which covers the wheel; the wheel also goes right underneath the buggy when being pushed so I cannot see any opportunity for feet to get stuck in wheel.

I had the same issue as Coffee with our P&T - there is a period where it just doesn't really work well. With newborn and toddler it was okay, and then with 2 toddlers it worked brilliantly - but not for the bit inbetween. Only my opinion though as I know loads of people who rave about P&T's!

Whatistodaysname Fri 14-Dec-12 00:09:45

Powertwin, and as they get older you can take hoods off so they can see around, I looked at loads (and I HATED side by sides) I am tiny tiny and I found it an absolute doddle to push, you need to go somewhere you can try loads really - I learned the hard way, after buying a side by side without trial and then selling it on after 1 use.

swanlady2000 Fri 14-Dec-12 00:05:58

Thanks for all your help and l had looked at most of the models mentioned, but it seems none fit the bill exactly, so... will have to compromise I think and set out whats priority.

I have the addtional problem that social services is funding this (originally told me to get one for around the £250 mark! but told them they were having a laugh, so managed to get them to up it £400) but it has to be New as I need a receipt to submit so 2nd hand is out the question. I am willing to put my own money towards getting one that suits me though as I am out in town/toddlers etc most days.

I think the pushchair needs to be light to push as a priority, If its heavy and awful to use I will put off using it and make excuses to stay in rather than get out and about.

I don't mind the children being forward facing as I would just stop and talk about something of interest as we go along just so long as they could look all around and get visual stimulation, the older one can't communicate at all yet and will probably be in awe of just seeing things at first anyway (these are children that have been left in cots for days on end and never got taken out). I would like the carrycot to face me so the baby is looking at my face though as this has more of an interest than trees and things at that age.

I don't think there is a tandam that fits the bill, so it might have to be a side by side. I had looked at the Mountain Buggy Duet that seems to be suitable other than the lifting in the car, unfortunately I will need to order online without tryng it out so might be a no no.

The baby jogger city might be an option though, wider than the above, but lighter I believe.

Will go and look at a few of the other options suggested and if anyone else comes up with anything it will be appreciated

bellabelly Thu 13-Dec-12 23:47:32

Oh my god Henrietta! What happened, if you don't mind talking about it? Do youmean the hinges where you fold it up?

HenriettaTurkey Thu 13-Dec-12 23:45:28

Don't get a second hand Phil and ted's sport or explorer. The hinges are dangerous. I had to have my finger reattached and I know I'm not the only MNer to have had bad injuries.

The post 2011 ones are safer apparently. Not that I'm going near them!

Whatistodaysname Thu 13-Dec-12 23:44:43

(I hated the phil and teds, just didnt like having a child that close to the ground when I borrowed one to test).

Whatistodaysname Thu 13-Dec-12 23:44:17

I have the Jane Powertwin, I can push it one handed, its quite light, the DCs are nearly 3 and 4.8 and I still take it if we go to zoo for day etc if there is a lot of walking.

I paid £80 second hand for mine, with 2 footmuffs and rain covers. I love it.

bellabelly Thu 13-Dec-12 23:41:12

My only niggle is lack of storage space but you can buy saddlebags to go on it if that's important to you.

bellabelly Thu 13-Dec-12 23:40:31

Phil&Ted's Sport is great - I replaced my maclaren's twin techno with one of these (secondhand) and it's been a total revelation! Folds easily, pushes easily even up kerbs, on bumpy tracks etc. Bought mine second hand off ebay for about £100. Lots of bargains to be had on ebay!

Tiggywunkle Thu 13-Dec-12 23:34:27

It does depend on the side by side and how reclined into the seat they are. The Duet and Nipper for example have more upright seats so the hood doesn't get in the way as much and you can see the children. The Baby Jogger City Mini 2011 only had sit upright straps so you could make the children sit more upright. Otherwise the seats are relatively reclined.

Ihateparties Thu 13-Dec-12 23:32:01

Durrr swift.. oops. Yes, Duet. blush

Argh, we all disagree - okay, start again, which bit of the criteria are most important, where can you most easily compromise?

I agree I think that a City Mini with carrycot on best meets the criteria you have described, I don't find talking to them that difficult with a side by side but also I don't much like side by sides because of constant access issues where I live. Plus overall I think I naturally favour a tandem. It does depend very much on your preferences.

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