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Double buggy or buggy board?

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Fayebalina1979 Wed 21-Nov-12 14:37:06

Hi I have a dilemma, I have an almost 18month old who is a good walker, but is also quite dinky and another baby due in January. I am wondering whether to get a double buggy or to buy a buggy board and combine the use of the buggy I already have with new baby in sling when toddler is in the buggy/new baby in buggy when toddler is on a buggy board?

Any advice/experience of this situation welcome


Tiggywunkle Thu 22-Nov-12 00:14:26

Absolutely 100% get a double pushchair. Your LO is still too young really for a buggy board and it will be just easier...believe me!
Unless of course you are happy slinging the baby but I struggled to lean over to push a buggy at the same time as supporting a baby in a sling whilst I was leant over!
I dont think you would regret having a double though, especially as you head into the terrible 2's! My 18 month old was a better, and more responsible walker than she was at 2 and 3!!

newtonupontheheath Thu 22-Nov-12 10:25:57

This morning I decided to "treat" my DS and let him walk to the post office rather than put him in the pram. He is 26 months. He is a good-ish walker. DD (6 weeks) was in the pram.

Honestly honestly.... You will need a double. I have the scars from this mornings outing to prove it grin

MrsHelsBels74 Thu 22-Nov-12 10:28:04

I've got one son 2.9 & a 9 week old. We couldn't afford a double buggy so we make do with a buggy board but if I had the money I'd get a double buggy in a heartbeat even at my son's age.

surroundedbyblondes Thu 22-Nov-12 10:34:46


Was a great investment and helped me to get out of the house with both kids when DD2 was tiny. We have 24 months between DC. A classic afternoon would be to sling them both in the buggy (DD2 in the pram attachment) and stomp off to the playground at a good brisk pace. DD2 would drop off and then DD1 and I could enjoy playing swings and slides together while DD2 happily slept. If we had pottered there at toddler pace, DD2 wouldn't have fallen asleep and DD1 would have got tired out just walking there and not had as much fun play.

We later got a buggy board which has also been well used, but was more appropriate for trips around the shops or walking DD1 to nursery in a hurry.

We have still used the double buggy even quite recently. Where the walk to get somewhere is long and is not the activity in itself (if you see what I mean)

Fayebalina1979 Thu 22-Nov-12 16:38:11

Wow that is a landslide of an answer lol! Thank you so much. Now I just need to decide what sort to get? I am a firm believer that newborns should be able to be layed flat in a carrycot style bed!?

Chunkychicken Thu 22-Nov-12 19:11:17

Try the website for ideas.

My DD is 2.7yo & my DS is 11do. I bought a buggy board to go on DD's travel system (we've never switched to a lighter buggy) and, as it happened, bought a carrycot attachment for the same at an extremely discounted price. We are also going to buy a Smyths Dimples Duo tandem buggy too, to get us through the winter. It's on the Smyths Toys website. I figure both DC will be more comfortable in a tandem when its cold &/or wet, and then, once DD is 3+yo, we can probably sell it on & use just the buggy board. However, for those journeys where DD can walk, it'll be easier to use the carrycot (but at a mere £15 brand new, even if we hardly use it outside the house, it's not wasted!!).

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