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Lost and confused in the world of double buggies

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saddlemac Wed 21-Nov-12 13:42:15

To cut a long story short I am madly trying to find the right double buggy for a tall 2 1/2 Year Old and and a newborn and am getting rather lost on various websites about which is actually best.

I am looking for a buggy that will:

* Fit a tall 2 1/2 year old and a newborn

* Is easy to get on and off buses without having to fold down because it's
too big.

*Is round about £200 mark ( though if right buggy was more pricey we might
try to get second hand).

*Is easily foldable to fit in a standard size car boot.

*Is easibly steerable around corners and off road.(We do alot of walking in
the countryside). We had a 3 wheeler single buggy that we loved.

Gosh it sounds like I'm asking for the earth! Anyone have any suggestions ideas. Thanks for your help.

Tiggywunkle Thu 22-Nov-12 00:19:04

Absolutely and honestly, I think your budget may be an issue because there is so little choice of double pushchairs. Plus adding in off road as an option immediately rules most out.
I would say to have a look second hand at a Britax B-Dual, a Baby Jogger City Classic, an Air Buggy Mimi, A TFK Twinner Twist Duo, an Out n About Nipper and a P&Ts Sport. Prices on Ebay etc but you can find some huge bargains if you watch and wait.
I am not sure all these will meet your requirements, but have a read about them and find out more.

saddlemac Thu 22-Nov-12 10:55:23

Thanks Tiggywunkle. All advise greatly appreciated x

CravingSunshine Thu 29-Nov-12 14:26:04

I went for the Baby Jogger City Select. Good features:
*Lots of space between seats so they can't 'poke' at each other (not a prob now with your newborn but maybe later on)
*Carrycot for newborn is handy as doubles up as a moses basket for indoors
*Can get on and off buses fine as it's single width ( I live in Greater London) although it takes up a lot of space so it's fine if you're the first buggy on but not so easy if you're second although you CAN do it with determination
*Very comfy to push - extended handles etc- but it IS heavy (DS is 14.5kg now and DD2 is 9kg)
*Brilliant shopping basket space
*tyres are gel-filled so doesn't puncture
* you can swap the seats around to face you or face outwards
*it has never broken down on me unlike Phil and Teds

It ain't £200 unless you get super lucky on eBay
It is heavy and steering isn't as easy as a 3-wheeler

Would you consider investing and looking to sell it on? They go for good money on eBay.

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