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Joovy caboose ultra lite v out & about single and sling?

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seaweed74 Sun 18-Nov-12 20:03:09

Hi. Looking for some opinions please. Looking to purchase our 6th buggy blush! Never thought this would be the case but dd1 has special needs so this has happened.

I use out & about 360 double daily for dd1 3.10 years and dd2 12 months (already walking). If shopping use a sling plus umbrella fold, but that's collapsing as they all seem to have a weight limit of 15kg! So......we thought we'd get a stronger single for shopping, in the car and on hols, combining this with sling if dd1 struggles with walking and needs to sit down.

The dilemma is that I saw the joovy caboose ultra lite for sale on gumtree and I thought that was the perfect answer to our situation. Then an out & about single popped up for sale, and we love our double version!

So (if you're still reading grin) which do you think we should go for. Really can't decide!

Thanks x

Tiggywunkle Sun 18-Nov-12 23:16:23

Hmm...interesting one! I loved my Joovy Caboose. It was really good fun to use. Which child would go where? I dont think I can assume the youngest will go in front?? But if the older one is going in front, then I am not sure there will be enough leg room for her? Would the single be for DD1 or DD2? It sounds like DD1?
The Joovy Caboose is more like a trolley to push. Its pretty long folded.
The Nipper handle is quite narrow on the single but if you love the rest then this seems like a good choice.
My gut instinct given you dont mind using a sling and DD2 is walking, and you have a double as well, is to get the single Nipper. If you need a double then I guess you would take the Nipper anyway? Bear in mind that DD2 is heading rapidly for the terrible twos and it could become more challenging to juggle two children after that. I would keep the Micralite Twofold or Mountain Buggy +One in mind for the future smile

seaweed74 Mon 19-Nov-12 00:01:38

Thanks for replying Tiggywunkle! If getting joovy caboose we would hope that dd2 would go in front initially at least and that dd1 would have the balance to sit in the rear, eventually managing to stand in rear (not unrealistic as dd1 getting physically more able). If getting single nipper then plan would be dd2 in buggy while dd1 walked, but if dd1 too tired/meltdown then she would go in buggy and dd2 would go in sling or in few more months walk on reins!

So many ifs and buts! We're going to look at a caboose tomorrow. Maybe seeing it in the flesh will help!

Tiggywunkle Wed 21-Nov-12 01:35:33

Just a thought....have you seen the new rear seats for the Joovy Caboose?

How did it go?

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