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Talk to me about front/ rear facing please!

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mummysmellsofsick Fri 16-Nov-12 18:52:27

DS (12 months) will not go in his maclaren. I use the sling everywhere even on long walks. However other people who look after him can't carry him as far as I can and I am wondering if he might prefer rear facing. Might buy one on eBay 2nd hand and re sell if no better.

What are the lightest and best rear facers?
At what age do you normally switch to front facing?
Does anyone have dc who are unhappy front facing but happy rear facing?


Tabitha8 Fri 16-Nov-12 19:41:42

DS, aged 3 and a half, is mainly rear facing, but we go on long walks and he remained rear-facing as he had a long speech delay and we were doing sign language. He is always rather glum when forward facing in a buggy. Perhaps there is a window of opportunity that I missed?

As for a rear-facing pushchair. Depends really on the sort of terrain you cover. I use an ICandy Apple for fields but wouldn't want to put it in the car or take it on a bus. Although not exactly light, I find it very easy to push. It's the 3 wheel version with the big front wheel. Mind you, I only usually have to push it for an hour with my child in it as I try to make him walk for the first hour. smile

mummysmellsofsick Fri 16-Nov-12 20:05:23

I'm just puzzled about what to do with total pushchair refusal. It's the same with the car seat, he just freaks out about being restrained.

I'm not looking for an off roader at all, it's all pavements and buses for us, plus two flights of stairs to get to our flat, hence my normal use of the sling still.

I was thinking of the bugaboo bee, just to try a second hand one and sell it on if rear facing doesn't help.

milk Fri 16-Nov-12 20:17:28

How about the Petite Star NJoy Reversible Bubble Pushchair?

mummysmellsofsick Fri 16-Nov-12 20:41:49

That one's clever and ticks all the boxes. Think I'll try and borrow a rear facer for a day to see if DS will go in it first. Thanks!

Tiggywunkle Sat 17-Nov-12 01:51:33

I am not a precious mother. My two have been thrust into the realms of double pushchairs where rear facing is hard to find. So my youngest grew up largely forward facing - which wasn't an issue when he was under 18 months because he would almost certainly be asleep within 5 minutes of leaving the house or car. However at rising 2, he started to become very very distressed at being forward facing. It got to such a level where I had to sell almost all my forward facing pushchairs and now I have to have him parent facing whenever possible. He's okay for say 5 minutes but any longer and I have to parent face him.

So, I would say its definitely worth trying to parent face your son. However, you may also have to accept he is simply asserting his views, and this may be a n occasion where your son needs to understand that you or his carers are in charge, and that being strapped into a pushchair, and especially a car seat is vital at times. If rear facing doesnt work, then try something like a buggy toy / activity centre. If that doesn't work, then you probably just have to go through the pain barrier, strap him in and just keep walking!

mummysmellsofsick Sat 17-Nov-12 16:21:10

Yes Tiggy I know what you mean. We obvs have to insist when he goes in the car but it's continual torture for all of us when we do, thinking we'll have to invest in a DVD player to solve that one, but I'm just not up for buggy trauma as well, so at the moment I carry him as its easier for me with the steps and buses etc too. But a buggy he likes would occasionally be useful! Buggy toys work for about 30 secs, I think we'll have to try parent facing next. Thanks for your thoughts!

Vivienne52 Wed 21-Nov-12 18:40:54

Hi there, I am experiencing extreme forward facing refusal. My ds has to be facing me in buggy and the bjorn. He I really sensitive to strangers, cars etc..... Hoping it's a phase but in meantime I am debating the m and ps sola and the njoy bubble. I have posted pros and cons of both in my last post 2 mins ago! Maybe your son would like the sola as the seat is high, he will be able to sit really upright and communicate with you. Slso the handle kind if bends so you can get right close to him. The njoy looks fab but I worry my ds will be too low reducing the comfort he gets from being closer to my face.x

mummysmellsofsick Thu 22-Nov-12 16:00:06

Oh hi Vivienne that's interesting. Yes I was looking at the m&p sola and the new stokke scoot which is also high and reversible, but expensive for a rear facing experiment! Will prob go for a 2nd hand sola or bugaboo bee. Uppababy vista looks high and good too but I love the quick fold on the scoot.

mummysmellsofsick Thu 22-Nov-12 16:04:04

Good price on the njoy though. I agree it's a bit low, might not help the refusal situation. I just can't do the whole let them cry and get used to it thing, DS gets just frantic with distress it's not just whinging sad

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