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Travel system help! Too much choice!

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forgetmenots Sun 11-Nov-12 23:24:03

please help point me in the direction of some decent travel systems, there are so many out there my head is spinning!

I live in the city, use public transport, and will likely be living in a first or second floor flat when LO arrives. I don't drive. I would ideally like one system I can use from birth right through. Any recommendations? Grateful for any pointers.

CordeliaChase Sun 18-Nov-12 00:47:23

My current one is a baby jogger city mini gt. great for toddlers, plenty of space and so easy to use/fold. I preferred something rear facing when DS was younger, I went through so many pushchairs! I would definitely have a look at the versa, sounds perfect. My DS looked a bit big for his cam at 15 mo and he's not that tall. I'm not sure how long he would have fit in it tbh. I loved being able to change the hood and covers though, it was like having loads of different pushchairs! And I would have loved to have had it from when he was a tiny baby because they look so comfortable with the bassinet.

CordeliaChase Sun 18-Nov-12 00:48:42

Btw check out for reviews etc. really great site smile

Hyperballad Sun 18-Nov-12 00:54:48

I got the Grecco Evo travel system from mothercare.

I would recommend it as it has been fab for me so far. The massive plus is how light the frame is and how easy it collapses. I can collapse it and put I to my car one handed! There isn't many like that!

There are loads of good things about it, pop into mothercare and they'll demo it for you.

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