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BJCM - battling with the straps

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mashpot Sat 10-Nov-12 20:28:07

Hoing someone can help... I must be being an idiot but something has happened to the straps of my baby jogger and I can no longer get DS strapped in, the staps are way too short. We have been getting by by just strapping one one arm in but this is getting ridiculous.

I have fiddled and faffed and can not seem to extend them, can anyone explain how I lengthen them (obviously I have adjusted the buckle thing but they are still soooo short). DS is only 11 months old and a skinny little thing so I know this must be something I am doing wrong and it is driving me up the wall!


amazingmumof6 Sun 11-Nov-12 00:52:34

where did you buy it? can you go back to shop and show it to them? could be faulty.

hard to tell without looking at it...

Tiggywunkle Sun 11-Nov-12 22:59:20

Have you got your straps double IYKWIM? You need to make them single as much as you can by moving them up and wiggling. They are difficult straps to alter, but thats the key - get them single thickness not double. Failing that go and find a BJ retailer to help you smile

mashpot Sun 18-Nov-12 21:27:28

They are doubled, glad you said they are difficult - I am feeling like an idiot fit not being able to get it right!

Tiggywunkle Sun 18-Nov-12 23:17:12

Glad you sorted them out smile

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