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Where do you stand with a loan pram?

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newtonupontheheath Sat 10-Nov-12 09:17:20

Have loaned an icandy peach blossom whilst we have patiently waited for our peach blossom 2 to be delivered.

The stockist we have used hasn't been great, have had to constantly chase for updates etc. I truely believe they had no idea of the delays with icandy as I know (they told me!) I'm the only person that has ordered this pram through them. They refused to acknowledge there would be a delay when it was clear from icandy's Facebook page they were big problems!

Anyway, they eventually agreed it wouldn't arrive in time and have me this one on loan. I can see another stockist has "spare stock" of the pb2 (via facebook)

Am I still entitled to a refund from original stockist ( so I can go and buy from somewhere else?) despite having a loan from them? I signed to say I had taken the bits but no other "contract"

Am I morally obliged to still wait patiently?

Reaching the end of my tether on this one!!

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