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Sola harness straps too short!

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Gingersnap88 Wed 07-Nov-12 23:06:54

DD is 7 months and once she has her cost / snowsuit on, it's really difficult to do the straps up. I've loosened them as far as I can but they seem very tight! Has any one else had this problem?
When I called mamas & papas customer services, they were more than unhelpful.

Not sure what to do as I feel a bit cheated! Its supposed to last her until she's 3 and she's not a huge baby or anything!

MyMelody Thu 08-Nov-12 09:34:07

A lot of buggies seem to have this problem, no idea why the straps are so short. You could get a harness from mothercare that you can attach to the D rings, or you could contact m&p to see if they supply extensions.. if all else fails you could sew a little bit of extra strap on ypurself maybe?

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