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Hauck Pushchair - Have you got this one and is it any good?

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mumnosbest Wed 07-Nov-12 09:36:34

After a disasterous start with a Lula-Up (horrible and heavy pram), I'm looking on ebay for a replacement.

DD is 10 months so doesn't need a carry cot/car seat anymore. I like the look of this one (ebay item no: 160913630603) but can't find much info about it. I think it's a Hauck Weaver Condour travel system. Does anyone have this? Is it lightweight (without the carseat on)? Does it fold/open easily? Is it compact when folded?
Really want to downsize a bit but not quite ready for a stroller. It needs to be comfy and recline. Any advice/experience please?

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