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Best buggy for bad back urgent

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Ginga66 Fri 02-Nov-12 00:15:28


I have a five month old and for the second time in a month have injured my back.
We have a very lumber some pram and buggy system from mothercare that we used with our first. I can no longer lift it. My issue may be lumbar joint,disc or muscle and ligaments but either way heavy lifting is out.
Dh back at work Monday and we need to buy a buggy ASAP.
I want something durable with enough padding not just a silvercross especially as he's so young and it's winter and we do a lot of pushing around nature trails etc.
But it must be easy to fold and pretty light too.
Any ideas ?

Tiggywunkle Fri 02-Nov-12 00:32:03

I sound like a broken record but I like the Baby Joggers because they are easy to flick open as you lift. The City Mini is the lightest but I would look at the GT because of going on nature trails.
A Nipper is light to push and carry and would be worth a look too.
If money is no object, have a look at the Recaro Babyzen - it may look fiddly to open but you can wheel it from the house to the car, and I could open mine one handed with the baby under the other arm.

Otherwise TBH durable, padded, off road pushchairs dont really tend to be light and easy to fold!! I can think of pushchairs into one category ie light or off road but finding one in both camps isn't easy! You may be better buying something for you to use, and then a standard off roader for use when your DH is around TBH? If you can do this, I would look at the iCandy Cherry, Petite Zia, Babyzen YoYo, Leebruss Takeoff and other light folding pushchairs.

Ginga66 Fri 02-Nov-12 21:25:25


Thanks so much for your detailed response. We went looking at the city mini and baby zen yogi but found, as I am six ft tall, that the arms were too short!
We opted for a Macarena in the end which was reduced from three hundred to two twenty five, is seven point five kg and has extendable handles. Decided as you suggested to keep original pram for dh to offload in!

Diamond7 Sun 04-Nov-12 08:32:28

Have you considered a sling/carrier?

I know this might seem strange but actually carrying LO in a good carrier will be less stress on your body the lifting baby in and out of pushchair and lugging pushchair around.

Not a baby bjorn they aren't good for backs no matter what they say. Look at Boba 3G, ergo, beco, etc.

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